Risks to Liposuction Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and problems that should be known before considering liposuction at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic as an option for you. Along with typical risks associated with the usage of anesthesia, adverse reactions to existing medical conditions, other highly rare risks should be noted. There are also some problems, typically occurring after the liposuction procedure.

Risks to Liposuction Surgery
Potential Liposuction Complications

Potential Liposuction Complications

The following are some, not all of the complications that can occur with liposuction. Your Toronto Plastic Surgeon can elaborate more on them for you.

Anesthetic Reactions
The more areas that you are having done, will correlate to a longer surgery. If you are under general anesthesia this could increase your risks to complications depending on your overall health. We perform an overall detailed health history, so the anesthesiologist can rule out any potential problems.

The use of lidocaine, one of the main ingredients used in tumescent solution can be toxic if misused. Your plastic surgeon will adhere to very strict dosage rules. In rare cases some patients do not respond well to medications used. If you aware of allergies or adverse have you have had to drugs in the past, it is vital that you disclose this with your plastic surgeon.

Infection is rather rare with liposuction as the incisions are very tiny.

If fluid does not drain properly, a fluid-like pocket can form which will need to be removed through a needle.

Fat Embolism
Fat that has been loosened can break away and travel to the brain or lungs through blood vessels, blocking proper organ function.

Aesthetic Problems Resulting from Liposuction

A liposuction procedure is designed to improve a body contour. Sometimes, however, the procedure may result in unwanted aesthetic features. Such problems, which do not pose a threat to a patient's health but can be annoying, include the following:

Since a cannula is used to remove the subcutaneous fat from the target area, a small incision (4-10mm in length) is made during the liposuction procedure. After the liposuction surgery, the formation of a permanent scar will result. However, your physician at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will make every effort to minimize the appearance of any scar by making an incision in a discrete area such as in natural creases in the skin of the target area or the belly button. Your physician can also recommend topical creams that can be applied to reduce any scarring. Covering the scar from sun exposure is also recommended, and with proper care, it will eventually fade into a minor blemish, barely noticeable with proper placement and post-operative care following your Toronto liposuction procedure.

Loose Skin
Following the liposuction cosmetic surgical procedure, for some patients, particularly those who are older and/or have poor skin elasticity, loose skin can result. Loose skin is often a result of the removal of larger amounts of fat, and can be corrected with additional surgery. Toning or building the muscles in the area may also help.

Laser assisted liposuction, such as Smartlipo™, can help minimize or eliminate loose skin.

Contour Irregularities
Contour irregularities are one of the most common problems following liposuction surgery. Irregularities in the contour of the general area, such as lumpiness and asymmetry, are a consequence of subcutaneous fat pockets becoming unevenly distributed with excessive liposuction, whether superficial or not. Choosing an experienced and highly skilled physician can minimize the risk of this occurring. Endermologie® Treatments can be a great way to help smooth out uneven results.

Aesthetic Problems Resulting from Liposuction

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