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Labiaplasty in a Nutshell

Average Cost
$4,200 Plus HST
Surgery Length

45 Minutes
  • Invasiveness 40% 40%
  • Pain Factor 50% 50%
Synopsis of Surgery:
Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure, in which the labia are trimmed and reshaped to reduce irritation and improve the aesthetic appearance of the female genitalia.
Alternative Names:
Labia Reduction, Labial Trimming
Local Anesthesia, but can be performed under General Anesthesia
1 – 3 days off from work
4 – 6 weeks before resuming sexual intercourse

What is

A woman’s vulva, or external genitalia, contain two sets of labia, also referred to as “lips.” These two sets are the labia minora, or the inner lips, and the labia majora, or the outer lips. The labia provide protection of the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

In some women, the labia protrude to the point where clothing can chafe and cause discomfort, or they may even make sexual intercourse difficult or uncomfortable. Some women may just feel their labia are not aesthetically pleasing. If you’re one of those women, you may be a candidate for labiaplasty.

This surgical procedure usually entails a reduction in the size, and an enhancing of the shape of the labia minora, the labia majora, or both. During labiaplasty, one or both sets of labia may be trimmed, reshaped, shortened, made thinner, or corrected to gain symmetry. The procedure is also sometimes referred to as labial reduction or labial beautification.

What Labiaplasty Can do For You

Cost of Labiaplasty

What Causes the Labia to Enlarge?

How is Labiaplasty Performed?

Step-by-Step: Labiaplasty Surgery

Associated Procedures

Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty

Labia Majora-Plasty

Non-Surgical Laser Labia Tightening

Botched Labiplasty Correction

Laser Depigmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Do For You

If your labia are long, thick, or protrude quite a bit from your body, you may experience pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse and other physical activities. Labiaplasty can shorten and thin your labia so that you can experience sexual gratification, and can participate in physical exercise and activities without chafing or pulling of the labia.

Sometimes, enlarged labia can even be visible through tight clothing, or thin garment such as swimsuits, causing embarrassment for some women. Labiaplasty offers a smooth, unobtrusive look so you can feel confident no matter what you wear.

If you simply feel your labia are unattractive due to their size or shape, a labiaplasty can help you feel better about your body, and happier in general.

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Cost of

Surgery on one set of labia costs $4,200 plus tax. If the labiaplasty includes both sets of labia, the cost will increase, but will still be lower than if both procedures were performed separately.

Several other factors can also affect the overall cost, such as having other associated procedures at the same time as the labiaplasty.

Keeps Price the Same
  • Surgery on either the labia minora or the labia majora has no difference in price. Cost will only increase if both sets of labia are included in a single procedure.
Decreases Cost

Increases Cost
  • Reduction of both labia minora and labia majora increases overall cost, but reduces individual procedure cost
  • General Anesthesia (adds $1,000 to the overall cost)

What Causes the Labia to

Labia can enlarge due to one or more factors such as hormonal changes, injury, pregnancy and childbirth, dramatic weight loss, or simply aging. Certain congenital conditions can also cause asymmetrical, misshapen, enlarged, elongated, or sagging labia.

How is a Labiaplasty

At TCC, labiaplasty procedures are performed by our labiaplasty specialist, Dr. Dimitrios Giannoulias, the first doctor in Ontario to be certified by the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America.

Local anesthesia is usually administered for labiaplasty, but it may be performed under general anesthesia, especially if you're combining the surgery with other procedures. Dr. Giannoulias will discuss this with you during your pre-surgical consultation.

Once anesthesia is administered, a laser is used to modify and sculpt the labia according to your desires, and the goals you and your doctor discussed prior to surgery. Laser surgery is more effective than traditional methods, reducing bleeding, lessening the probability of scar tissue formation, and speeding recovery.

Labiaplasty usually takes about one hour, but surgery may last longer if you elected to have other procedures done simultaneously. After surgery, you'll be sent to the recovery room where our professional surgical staff will monitor you and ensure your comfort. Once you're fully awake and the doctor gives you clearance, you'll be able to go home the same day. Most patients only need a couple days off from work.

Step-by-Step: Labiaplasty Surgery

Before labiaplasty, labia may be long, misshapen, or uneven.
Using a laser device, incisions are made to gently and effectively remove excess skin, and reshape the labia.
If necessary, the other side of the labia is then reduced and reshaped.
After labiaplasty, both sides of the labia are reduced, symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing in shape and size.


Labiaplasty can be performed alone, or in combination with other procedures, such as for instance:

  • Mons Pubis Reduction:
    The mons pubis is the area where the lower belly meets the pubic bone. This area is connected to the labia majora, and in some cases, when this area is bulging above the labia, a mons pubis reduction might be performed as part of—or instead of—a labiaplasty.The reduction can be done through liposuction, or in combination with surgical removal of excess skin, if necessary. Tightening up this area can sometimes be all that is required to achieve the desired profile, as it is connected to the labia and provides a lift to this area.
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction:
    Also referred to as prepuce reduction, this entails trimming the skin folds that surround the clitoris to increase sexual pleasure and improve appearance.
  • Vaginoplasty:
    This is a tightening of the vaginal canal, and was once only achieved surgically. However, thanks to innovations in the field of laser technology, we now also offer a non-surgical option for this procedure.
  • Hymenoplasty:
    This procedure, also called hymen restoration, repairs a woman’s hymen using specialized laser-surgery technology
  • Perineoplasty:
    This entails removal of excess skin in the perineum (the area between the anus and the vagina), removal or reduction of scarring caused by vaginal childbirth and episiotomies, and tightening of the perineum muscles.
  • Laser Depigmentation and Textural Improvement:
    The laser technology we use can reduce hyperpigmentation (excessive darkening of the skin), and improve the texture and firmness of the labia.

What is the Difference Between
Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty?

Labiaplasty addresses issues of the external genitalia, specifically a reduction and reshaping of either the labia minora, the labia majora, or both.

With vaginoplasty, the internal genitalia are enhanced through a tightening of the vagina, literally reducing the diameter of the vaginal canal.

Both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty can be performed simultaneously during the same surgery, thereby reducing the cost that would have been incurred by having both procedures separately.

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Labia Majora-Plasty

This labiaplasty procedure focuses only on the labia majora—the outer lips. During this procedure, excess skin is removed to remove sagging and wrinkles, and to create a smooth look, unobtrusive look. If you’re satisfied with the shape and appearance of your labia minora, but aren’t quite happy with the way your labia majora look, this may be the ideal option for you.

For some women, enlarged labia majora may be visible through their clothing, creating an embarrassing aesthetic. It may also be very uncomfortable in snug pants, or tight garments such as swimsuits. With a labia majora-plasty, you can reduce that discomfort and feel more confident no matter what clothing you wear.

Botched Labiaplasty Correction

Unfortunately, quite a few of our clients come to us because they have had surgery somewhere else and are not pleased with the result. While we’re terribly sorry that some clients have gone through an unpleasant experience elsewhere, we are very happy to report that in the majority of cases, we can help correct the situation.

If you have such a concern, please schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you look and feel better.

Laser De-Pigmentation

Some women, in addition to not being happy with the appearance of their labia, may also notice a difference in skin tone along the edges of their labia minora. While this is normal, if it’s bothersome to you, laser depigmentation can provide a solution.

In this procedure, a laser is used to even out skin tone and improve texture of the labia. This can be performed alone, or simultaneously with a labiaplasty or other procedures in this intimate area. Laser depigmentation is suitable for all skin tones and types.

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Question & Answer

  • When do the results of labiaplasty appear?

    While a difference is noticeable within a short time, the optimal results of labiaplasty typically appear within a few months.

  • Can labiaplasty and vaginoplasty be performed together?

    Yes. These procedures are often combined, although they serve different purposes. Labiaplasty is usually performed for cosmetic reasons or minor discomfort, while vaginoplasty is done for more functional reasons, such as tightening the vaginal muscles.

  • How long before I can engage in sexual activity after my labiaplasty?

    At least six weeks. As with most surgeries, labiaplasty takes time to fully heal. Until then, you may risk reopening the surgery site by engaging in penetrative intercourse or other sexual activities.

  • Will anyone be able to tell that I had labia reduction?

    No. There are no visible scars, and the incision lines blend into the natural crease of the labia, and fade over time.

  • Does labiaplasty affect the nerves in the genital area?

    When done properly, labiaplasty should not interfere with your nerves. You may experience some numbing or lessened sensation along the outer edges of the labia for one or two months after the procedure, but this should not interfere with or reduce sexual pleasure.

  • Can I have a labiaplasty after giving birth?

    Yes. Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body, and childbirth can sometimes actually tear the labia. This can be easily repaired with labiaplasty.

  • Does labia reduction surgery hurt?

    Not during the procedure, but possibly a little afterward. You will receive local anesthesia prior to surgery so you will not feel anything during the procedure. Afterward, you will be swollen and have some discomfort, but your doctor will provide you with a pain medication prescription.

  • Can I use tampons after getting a labiaplasty?

    Yes. However, we recommend waiting at least one menstrual cycle before starting to use tampons again. The area will be very delicate, and scar tissue will have just formed. Using a tampon too soon may interfere with the healing process. Until you’re fully healed, we recommend using pads.

  • When can I go back to work?

    You may resume light work or desk work duties after about three to four days. During that time, you should be on bed rest, and have plenty of ice on hand. Do not engage in strenuous activities or sports for at least three weeks after surgery.

  • At what age can I get labiaplasty?

    It is generally recommended that women wait until they are at least 18 before considering this procedure. This is due to the fact that the female body can keep growing until a woman is in her early 20s. It’s important that you wait until you are fully developed before having any kind of plastic surgery procedures.

  • Are there any risks or side effects of labia reduction?

    All surgery carries some degree of risk, and complications are always a possibility. Some of the possible side effects you may experience are hemorrhage (bleeding), infection, hematoma (blood clots), and discoloration. You may also have a reaction to the anesthesia. Increased or decreased sensation may also occur. While complications are rare, they are possible. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to reduce the likelihood of experiencing any negative side effects.

  • How long do labiaplasty results last?

    The results of labiaplasty are permanent, but can be adversely affected by childbirth, injury and aging.