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Your Body Type and Liposuction

Body Types and

Have you ever noticed how some of your friends seem to have no trouble keeping their hips and thighs slim while you have to work twice as hard for it? Or maybe, no matter how many crunches or side-bends you do, you just can’t seem to flatten your tummy or get rid of that muffin top. You’re not alone, and it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong. It could just be your body type.

Genetics plays a big role not only in our appearance, but in how our bodies react to diet and exercise. If you have one of those body types that just won’t respond to a low-calorie diet or daily workouts, liposuction may be the optimal solution so you can finally achieve the figure you want.

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Four Body Types and
How Liposuction Can Help

Of course, everyone’s body features are unique. However, most people do tend to fall into one of four body type categories:

Android Body Type

This has nothing to do with robots. The android body type features are broad shoulders, a straight trunk with a less defined waist, and narrow hips. People with the android body type tend to gain weight in the upper part of their body, and on the front of the abdomen. They also find it very easy to build muscle.

An android body produces more male hormones than other body types do. You may also crave foods high in salt and cholesterol, which may lead to excess fat on your abdomen and upper buttocks, but probably not below your hips.

If you have an android body type, these are the areas where you may have difficulty losing weight, and where liposuction can help give you more contours.

Gynaeoid Body Type

The quintessential hourglass figure, the gynaeoid body type has medium shoulders, a tapered waist, and curvy hips. People with this type tend to gain weight in the lower portion of the body, most often the thighs, hips and buttocks, which accentuates the curvy, feminine shape.

While the android body type produces more testosterone, the gynaeoid body type often produces too much estrogen. With this type, you may crave foods high in fat and sugar, which increases the sensitivity to estrogen, which leads to more weight gain in the lower body.

Once the excess fat accumulates in those spots, it’s very difficult to take off. Liposuction can help slim those trouble spots.

Lymphatic Body Type

Due to a lower metabolism, people with the lymphatic body type tend to gain weight evenly over the entire body. This may also be due, in part, to a dysfunctional lymphatic system, which is normally responsible for expelling excess fluid from the body. If it’s not working properly, you may experience generalized fluid retention throughout your body.

The lymphatic body type is especially challenging because this fluid retention on top of deposits of excess fat can make you appear heavier than you actually are. You may have more cellulite than other body types as well, and you may tend to crave dairy products.

If you have a lymphatic body type, talk with your doctor about ways to decrease fluid retention, and how liposuction can help remove fatty deposits over your entire body, from your upper arms to your thighs.

Thyroid Body Type

If you’ve ever admired the long, lean look of a model or ballet dancer, you were admiring the thyroid body type. Those with this type of body have long limbs and a narrow skeletal structure. They tend to have high metabolism, and a difficult time gaining weight.

While that may sound ideal to some, it can actually be a problem. The small amount of fat on the body may leave the bones vulnerable to fractures and breaks. In addition, the lack of fat under the skin can cause those with the thyroid body type to look older than they are as their skin will wrinkle and sag sooner and more easily without the padding underneath it.

If you have a thyroid body type, it’s unlikely that you will be overweight, or have problems with cellulite. However, if this does occur, it will likely appear on the backs of your thighs and your buttocks, and liposuction may be able to help smooth your skin’s appearance in those areas.

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