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Brazilian Butt Lift

Break out the bikini bottoms and form-fitting jeans,
and feel proud of your posterior again!

Brazilian Butt Lift in a Nutshell

Average Cost
$12,500$19,000 Plus HST
Surgery Length

2 – 4 Hours
  • Invasiveness 70% 70%
  • Pain Factor 80% 80%
Synopsis of Surgery:
With a Brazilian butt lift, the buttocks are enlarged, shaped and enhanced by removing fat from one or more areas of the body through liposuction, and transferring it into the buttocks.
Alternative Names:
Fat Transfer, Buttocks Enhancement Surgery, Butt Augmentation
Spinal or General Anesthesia
1 – 2 weeks off from work
6 – 8 weeks before resuming physical exercise

What is
Brazilian Butt Lift?

As the saying goes, the sands of time don’t shift upward. With age, certain parts of our bodies begin to sag, including the buttocks. Also, some people are simply born with a little less volume in the behind than others. Whether your butt is a little saggy due to age, or you feel it’s a little too flat, a Brazilian butt lift can enhance your body and boost your assets.

At TCC, we use the latest technology, including the Aqua-Shape® technique and the Body-Jet® machine to provide the safest, most natural results, and give you the rounded, perky bottom you’ve dreamed of having.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

What a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Do for You

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What Type of Buttock Do You Have?

Fat Transfer Method

Step-by-Step: Fat Transfer Butt Lift

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Frequently Asked Questions

What a
Brazilian Butt Lift
Can Do For You?

The Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer is actually two procedures in one. Because it entails removing fat from one or more areas of the body, and then transferring it to the buttocks, you’re actually slimming down a few stubborn spots on your body while at the same time boosting your butt.

Apart from aesthetics, the Brazilian butt lift can also be used to reconstruct the buttocks after injury, or to correct defects. Certain deformities in that area can sometimes be addressed with the fat transfer procedure.

Whatever your particular situation may be, we’re here to help you. Schedule a FREE consultation today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options so you can choose the best course of action.

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Cost of
Brazilian Butt Lift?

Because the procedure is a combination of liposuction and fat injection into your buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift cost can vary quite a bit between patients.
BBL starts at $12,500 plus tax. The number of areas identified for liposuction can influence the price. The cost per area of liposuction starts at $3,500 plus tax. In most cases, at least two areas of liposuction are necessary in order to collect enough fat for the transfer, making the average price range $12,500 to $19,500 plus tax.

What Type of Buttocks Do You Have?

In addition to the results you want to achieve with your Brazilian butt lift, the type of buttocks you currently have is an important consideration. Determining this will allow your surgeon to perform the butt lift in such a way that the end result will be enhanced buttocks that still look natural.

Most people have one of the following four basic buttock types:

A-Type: This shape resembles an upside-down heart, with the widest part of the buttocks at the bottom.
V-Shape: With this type, most of the fullness is in the hips, and narrows out near the bottom of the buttocks.
Square: In this shape, the buttocks are also often flat, and little fat is present in the waist. This type of buttocks can be more difficult to sculpt than the other shapes, and may require more than one fat transfer surgery to achieve optimal results.
Round: This type is basically full all around, with even fat distribution in the upper, middle, and lower parts of the buttocks.
To determine which type of buttocks you have, your plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks in three areas: the upper, middle, and lower sections. From there, your doctor will determine which surgical technique to use in order to give you the results you’re looking for.

Fat Transfer

The Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer is the only surgical buttocks enhancement method we use at TCC because it presents a lower risk of complications than buttock implants do. We also feel it offers smoother, more natural results, thanks in particular to the Aqua-Shape® technology and Body-Jet® equipment we use when performing the liposuction that is an essential part of this type of butt lift surgery.

Water-Assisted Liposuction

The first step in the fat transfer process is liposuction performed on at least one, usually two, and possibly more areas of the body to collect high-quality fat cells. We accomplish this using an advanced liposuction method called water-assisted liposuction.

The specific method we use is called Aqua-Shape®. In this procedure, a pulsating spray of water dislodges and loosens fat cells. Both the water and loosened fat cells are then suctioned out of your body. With other liposuction methods, the fat cells have a tendency to break during the procedure. However, with the Aqua-Shape® method, the fat cells are kept intact, and preserved for later use.

In addition, this method is less invasive and gentler on your body than traditional liposuction, and offers decreased bruising, swelling and recovery time. It is for all these reasons TCC was one of the first cosmetic clinics in Canada to adopt the Aqua-Shape® method.

Once the fat cells are collected, our plastic surgeon – Toronto’s butt lift specialist – will gently inject them into your buttocks according to the desired outcome you and your doctor discussed prior to surgery. Then, your doctor will gently lift and shape the skin and surrounding tissue to create the shape you chose as your goal.

Where can the fat come from?

The fat collected from your body can come from a number of areas, but the most common areas are adjacent to the buttocks, such as the inner thighs, and the lower back—those pesky “love handles.” Sometimes, fat can even be taken from under the arms. The Brazilian butt lift requires collecting fat from two to three areas to ensure there is enough fat available to enhance your buttocks.

How much of the fat will stay in my buttocks?

Because we use the water-assisted method of liposuction, the fat cells sustain very little damage during extraction, and have a much higher chance of surviving once transferred to the buttocks.

It’s impossible to guarantee that all transplanted fat cells will survive. Some of them will likely be reabsorbed into your body. This is simply a natural reaction. However, because the fat being used is your own tissue, your body will recognize your DNA, which virtually eliminates the possibility of the transferred fat being rejected by your body. Using your own tissue also lowers the risk of complications.

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Step-by-Step: Fat Transfer Butt Lift

Before the Brazilian butt lift, buttocks may be small, flat, or beginning to sag.
Liposuction is performed on the areas surrounding the buttocks, usually the inner thighs, abdomen and love handles.
The fat collected during liposuction is then injected into the buttocks.
After the fat transfer, the buttocks are rounded, contoured and smooth.
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Buttock Implants

You may have heard of the availability of buttock implants. While some clinics may perform butt lifts that include the use of implants, we do not perform this procedure at TCC.

We only offer the fat transfer option as it presents the lowest probability of butt lift risks and complications, and your safety is our highest priority.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Your recovery time after a Brazilian butt lift will depend on several variables. One important factor is following all the instructions your surgeon gives you to ensure you don't impede the healing process. In addition, every body heals at a different rate, so Brazilian butt lift recovery times vary from person to person. Your surgeon will discuss with you steps you can take after your surgery to not only promote healing, but to help reduce the chance of Brazilian butt lift complications

Because we use the Aqua-Shape® method for fat transfer butt lifts, the amount of trauma to the body is lessened, and your recovery time may also be reduced. After the procedure, you'll need to wear a liposuction compression garment for six to eight weeks to manage swelling and protect the surgical site. This garment will also help reduce the risk of complications including, but not limited to, more visible scarring and lumpy skin.

You should be able to return to work within one to two weeks, depending on the type of job you have, and how many areas you had treated with liposuction. You will likely experience bruising, swelling and discomfort, though the extent and length of time varies from person to person. Remember that your experience may differ from that of other patients.

Can I Exercise After Surgery?

Yes! You may think if you exercise vigorously, you’ll also lose that new, perky butt. Not to worry.

Our plastic surgeons are skilled at locating and then extracting stubborn fat cells, the ones that just don’t seem to go away no matter how much you diet and exercise. These fat cells are usually found in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, and lower back—the dreaded “love handles.”

When transferred to your buttocks, these fat cells will continue to behave just as they always did in their original locations, refusing to break down even in the face of cardio exercise.

In addition, exercise that builds and strengthens the gluteal muscles can help you maintain those butt lift results by keeping your behind strong and preventing sagging.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s experiences and results are different, but in general, continuing or even starting a new exercise routine will not be detrimental to your surgical results, and we encourage you to follow a healthy regimen.

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Brazilian Butt Lift
Question & Answer

  • When will I see results?

    Immediately! Right after surgery, you’ll see how your buttocks have been enhanced, as well as the reduced contours where liposuction was performed. You’ll also see some swelling, but that will decrease as your body heals. In addition, some of the transferred fat will be eliminated from your body during recovery. Approximately six months after your surgery, once the swelling subsides and the fat settles, you’ll see the final, beautiful results of your new, perkier butt.

  • What is Aqua-Shape®?

    Aqua-Shape® is a state-of-the-art body contouring method that uses the Body-Jet® machine to remove fat through water-assisted liposuction. This form of liposuction removes fat cells more gently than other methods, keeping them intact so they’re perfect to use for fat transfer. This is the method we use most often for butt lifts at TCC as it helps to produce excellent results in contour, shape, and smoothness of the buttocks.

  • Can I use someone else’s fat for my Brazilian butt lift?

    The short answer is no. If you do not have enough body fat to transfer to your buttocks, your doctor will discuss other options with you. Even if you used fat from another person, your body would not recognize the tissue, and it would be eliminated from your body.

  • Can I sit after the surgery?

    You will not be able to sit directly on your buttocks for extended periods of time for at least two months following surgery. Your surgeon will show you how to properly sit, and lie on your side to prevent pain and promote healing. At the two-month mark, we’ll provide you with a special pillow to help keep pressure off your buttocks while sitting.

  • How long do results last? Is a butt lift permanent?

    A Brazilian butt lift is usually permanent, unless you gain or lose a drastic amount of weight. Because the Aqua-Shape® technique we use at TCC allows for high-quality, intact fat cells to be transferred into the buttocks, the chances of long-lasting results are much greater.

  • How do I maintain my butt lift results?

    The key to maintaining your butt lift results is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and adequate exercise to help keep your weight stable. Gaining or losing too much body fat can affect your butt lift. Remember that although that fat was transplanted, it will still behave like all the other fat in your body. If you lose a large amount of weight, you may lose some of it from your buttocks. In addition, once you’ve healed and are able, exercise can help keep your gluteal muscles in shape, which will also help you maintain the lifted, rounded look you’ve achieved through surgery.