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Lower Leg Liposuction

What is
Lower Leg Liposuction?

Regardless of your body type, you may have one or two spots on your body that stubbornly refuse to slim down. For a lot of people, one of those spots is the lower leg. While exercise can build muscle in the lower leg, it may not get rid of fat deposits, or slim an area like the ankle.

Lower leg liposuction is exactly what it sounds like—liposuction performed on the lower portion—below the knee—of one or both of your legs. Maybe you just don’t like the way your lower legs look. Maybe you’re not able to participate in fashion trends like skinny jeans. Or maybe you want your legs to look both leaner and longer, especially if you’re a little on the short side. Whatever the case, lower leg liposuction can help slim, sculpt and smooth the area, and give you the appearance of longer, shapelier legs.

Lower Leg Regions and Liposuction

The lower legs do not have deep fat compartments as other areas of the body do. Lower leg fat is superficial. For this reason, your surgeon will proceed with extreme caution when performing lower leg liposuction to avoid damaging vital structures in the subcutaneous tissues.

To understand how lower leg liposuction can help change the appearance of your legs, it’s important to know which areas can be treated.

Liposuction performed strategically around the bottom back of the legs can help create shapely calves. It’s important to note that you don’t want to remove all the fat from this area, though. A thin layer of fat over the calf helps maintain a more natural-looking, feminine aesthetic. Remove too much, and the legs can end up looking masculine.

Thick ankles are sometimes derogatorily referred to as “cankles,” meaning there’s no visible separation between the calf and the ankle. Liposuction in this area can create a more definitive separation between the two regions, as well as a more feminine curvature to the lower leg by slimming the ankle.

Behind the Knees: The NO GO ZONE
Your surgeon will absolutely not perform liposuction in the area behind your knees. This region holds vital structures such as blood vessels that are extremely vulnerable to trauma and damage by liposuction cannulas. However, it may be possible to address the areas around the knee, especially as part of inner or outer thigh liposuction procedures.

Associated Procedures

Lower leg liposuction can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as outer thigh liposuction or inner thigh liposuction, which may reduce your overall cost. In addition, the fat collected from one or all procedures may be used for a fat transfer procedure to enhance another area of your body such as your lips, breasts or buttocks.

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