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Intimate Lightening

What is
Intimate Lightening?

It could be that what’s happened to a lot of women out there has also happened to you. Maybe you’ve gone in for your first Brazilian wax, and afterward, when you check out the results, you notice your skin is a little darker down there. Granted, it’s not an area visible to the general public, but in certain intimate situations, that change in skin tone may be bothersome to you.

Sometimes also called intimate whitening or anal lightening, intimate lightening is a procedure in which the darker skin around the anus is lightened with the use of a gentle lightening cream. This procedure can also be performed on other areas of the body where you may have darker skin. If this is a source of embarrassment to you, intimate lightening may be the answer.

What Causes
Darker Skin in Intimate Areas?

The first thing to know is, it’s perfectly normal to have darker skin in areas such as the anus, vulva, underarms, inner thighs, or bikini line. No one in the world has a completely even skin tone over their entire body. Some people are simply born with darker areas of skin, often in intimate areas, which can, for some people, make the different coloring a little embarrassing.

The skin in these areas can also sometimes darken due to other factors such as pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, or simply aging.

Whatever the cause, if having darker skin in your most intimate areas is a source of concern or embarrassment, you don’t have to live with it.

How is Intimate Lightening

First, you'll shave the area 1 to 2 days before your treatment. This will help ensure the lightening product is absorbed by the skin rather than the hair. Do not shave the day of your treatment to help avoid irritation.

When you arrive for your appointment, the area will be prepped and cleansed. Once it dries, a trained medical aesthetician will apply the hydroquinone-free whitening gel in a gentle, circular motion. Immediately afterward, they will apply a soothing cream to help avoid skin irritation. The entire treatment takes only about 20 minutes.

The number of sessions you'll need will depend on your skin tone, and how much lighter you want to go. Your skin may be 1 to 4 shades lighter after just the first treatment, but results vary from person to person.

Intimate lightening is safe for all skin types.

Cost of
Intimate Lightening?

The whitening treatment ranges from $200 plus tax, per session, per area.

Additional Areas
Intimate Lightening Treatment

If darker skin on any of these areas is bothersome to you, they may also benefit from intimate lightening treatment.

  • Inner Thighs
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms
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