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Buttock Liposuction

What is
Buttock Liposuction?

One of the most coveted features of an aesthetically pleasing figure is a shapely, firm, perky butt. Certain exercises can help you build and tone the gluteal muscles, which helps gain those aspects to some degree. However, this is a spot where fat likes to accumulate. Even with proper diet and regular exercise, it can often be difficult to lose fat in this area, preventing your buttocks from having the shape you’d like.

Buttock liposuction is exactly what it sounds like—liposuction performed on the buttocks. The procedure focuses on not only improving size, but also shape, sculpting smooth, rounded buttocks you’ll be proud to show off at the beach, or in your favorite pair of jeans.

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Buttock Anatomy and

Unlike other regions of the body, the buttocks contain fewer neurovascular (nerves and blood vessels) structures. The subcutaneous fat in the buttocks is fairly uniform, and not as fibrous as it is in other parts of the body. These underlying features make buttock liposuction easier to perform, and make it easier to achieve optimal results.

That said, it’s essential to have some fat in the buttocks. It performs the vital function of protecting your skeletal structure when you’re sitting. Without it, that simple activity would be quite painful and difficult. Buttock fat also contributes to the aesthetic appearance of your figure, providing a natural curve that’s pleasing to the eye.

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Buttock Areas Treated
with Liposuction

It may seem like your buttocks are just one, large area. However, buttocks is a general name that actually encompasses several smaller, specific areas, and each of these areas must be treated individually when performing buttock liposuction.

Lumbo-Sacral Fat Pad

Located on the lower portion of the spine, the lumbo-sacral fat pad sits where the back meets the buttock. Because this area is at the base of the spine, the subcutaneous tissue is situated near various neurovascular structures, so it is treated with tremendous care during buttock liposuction.

Infra-gluteal Crease

The infra-gluteal crease is the distinct crease line, separating the buttocks from the thighs. This line is not always distinct in every person. Most people prefer a defined crease as it creates the illusion of a defined, elevated, and rounded buttock.

Your surgeon will proceed with caution in this area. Too much liposuction here may prove detrimental, and not just cosmetically. Removing too much fat from this area can make it difficult for you to sit down. It can also leave an unnatural-looking depression in the upper leg, made visible by certain movements, such as stretching or bending over.

Banana-Shaped Fat Pad

Also called the “banana roll,” this pad is created by fat that collects between the infra-gluteal crease and the upper posterior thigh, resembling the shape of a banana.

The banana roll is usually created by excess weight in this area. Buttock liposuction can relieve some of this weight, creating some skin retraction, and relieving the appearance of the fold. The procedure also includes removing fat from the surrounding regions such as the flanks, lateral thighs, and lower third of the buttock.

Minimizing the length of the gluteal fold creates a smoother continuation between the buttock and thigh, which makes legs look longer and leaner, and the buttock look more elevated.

However, your surgeon will also be cautious here as a certain amount of fat in this region is also necessary for sitting.

Gluteal Trochanteric Area

Also called “saddlebags,” this is one of the main areas treated by buttock liposuction. This region responds well to liposuction, is generally treated without much difficulty, and usually yields fantastic cosmetic results. Removing fat here makes the entire leg look more streamlined, creating the illusion of longer, leaner legs, and a taller frame.

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Additional Procedures

In some cases, if you have excess fat in these areas, and want to use that fat to contour the overall shape of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift can be performed. In addition, fat removed during buttock liposuction can be used in a fat transfer to another part of the body.

For example, a fat transfer to the breasts can be an alternative to implants. This removed fat can even be used for lip injections to give you fuller, plumper lips.

Talk to your patient consultant and surgeon to learn more about your options.

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