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Cellulite Treatment Endermologie®

What is
Cellulite Treatment Endermologie®?

You’ve probably heard a lot of myths about how to get rid of cellulite. Rub coffee grounds over your skin. Drink lots of water. Eat right and get plenty of exercise. Well, while those last few are are definitely good advice for general health, they won’t have any effect on cellulite. Neither will any of those expensive creams and lotions you see at the drug store and department stores.

But don’t despair. If you suffer from embarrassing cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, or other areas of your body, there’s hope in the form of a cellulite treatment called Endermologie®. Developed by the French company LPG®, Endermologie® is the first FDA-approved treatment for cellulite.

How is Cellulite Treatment Endermologie®

The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our aestheticians. They'll go over your health and medical history with you, discuss your goals, assess the areas you want to have treated, and will answer any questions you have. They'll also take some "before" photos so you'll be able to see the changes in your body as your treatments progress.

Before the treatment, you'll be fitted into a full-body, elastic garment called endermowear. This garment will help the device glide smoothly over your curves without pinching your skin. The sensation feels like a deep tissue massage, with suction.

At TCC, we use a state-of-the-art device to perform Endermologie® cellulite treatment: the Cellu M6®. It is capable of treating both the body and the face. Each Endermologie® session lasts 15 – 35 minutes depending on the area you're targeting. We recommend receiving treatments 1 – 2 times per week, with a minimum of 10 sessions to achieve optimal results.

The treated area may be pink for about an hour afterward, and there is a slight chance of bruising, particularly if you're susceptible to it. Both of these side effects will subside. You should start see results by the third to fifth session, and final results by the tenth or twentieth session, again depending on the area you're targeting.

It's important to note that while Endermologie® cellulite treatment is effective, its results are temporary. Once you've achieved your desired results, continued sessions every couple of months will help you maintain them.

In addition, Endermologie® is effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite. However, it is not the best option for tightening the skin. That result is best achieved through CoolSculpting (for the body), or SilkPeel® (for the face).

Endermologie® also does not reduce pockets of fat under the skin. That is best achieved through liposuction.


Endermologie® performed on the body is called lipomassage. It offers benefits including, but not limited to: Lipomassage is suitable for both women and men.


Endermologie® performed on the face is called enderlift. In addition to giving the skin a smoother appearance, it can also help to clarify the complexion.
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Cost of

Here at TCC, we offer single-session pricing, as well as reduced-cost packages.


  • Single session: $160
  • 10 sessions: $1,400 = $140 per session
  • 20 sessions: $2,600 = $130 per session
  • 40 sessions: $4,800 = $120 per session

Garment Fee

The endermowear garment costs $50. However, it is complimentary when you purchase a package.

Post Liposuction Treatment

  • Single session: $100 per session (15-minute express treatment)
  • 10 sessions: $850 = $85 per session


  • Single session: $130
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