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4D High Definition

Liposuction & Abdominal Etching

What is
4D High Definition Liposuction & Abdominal Etching?

So- you have the muscles that would give you a chiseled stomach, the only problem, is that you have a layer of fat covering them up!

This is where high definition 4D liposculpture comes into play. By utilizing ultrasound assisted liposuction and the expertise of Toronto Cosmetic Clinic’s surgeon, large pockets of fat can be removed while the contours of your muscles are enhanced. A once sought-after six-pack can be achieved without even doing a single sit-up!

How is VASERLipo®
at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic?

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic we use an advanced form of liposuction called VASERLipo®. In a surgical procedure, ultrasound waves are used to gently break up fat cells and are safely suctioned out of the body. This helps to drastically contour the body. What makes VASERLipo® so unique is that it has the ability to target fat cells while not disturbing nearby tissues such as nerves and blood vessels. This allows for fat removal in superficial layers of the skin, meaning that fat can be precisely removed close to the muscles, for a highly defined and sculpted result.

Not only is VASERLipo® important to achieve a defined body contour, but so is the expertise of the surgeon. Not all surgeons are trained equally; It takes a skilled surgeon with a trained eye to be able to sculpt the natural curves of the body and to etch around muscle. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, our plastic surgeon understands that each body type is different and results from surgery need to reflect that. Using a harmonious blend of artistry and precision you can be certain that the surgical results will reflect the contours of your body.

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What is 4D Lipo Body Contouring?

While VASER high definition liposuction and VASER 4D liposuction are very similar techniques, 4D liposuction is one step advanced. High definition liposuction, also referred to as “high def lipo”, removes fat from not only the deep layer of the skin but also fat is removed from the superficial layers of the skin allowing for definition of the natural muscle tone. 4D liposuction results in an even more real result by not only enhancing the definition of the muscle but enhancing the shape of the muscle when the body is in movement- for a natural looking yet defined result.
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  • Who is an Ideal Candidate for High Def Liposuction?

    High definition liposculpture is intended for both men and women who are in relatively good shape but are looking to contour areas of their body through liposuction. An ideal patient is someone who is at a healthy body weight who has trouble defining an area of the body through means of diet of exercise.

  • What areas can be targeted with High Def Liposuction and 4D Liposculpture?

    Popular areas that VASERLipo® can treat include:
    – abdominals
    – obliques
    – deltoids & arms
    – pecs (pectoralis muscles)
    – outer, inner & middle thighs
    – hips/waist
    – lats (back)

  • Can you transfer fat with High Definition Liposuction?

    Since VASER High Definition liposuction uses a gentle technique to remove fat from, these fat cells are viable for transfer to another area of the body. Areas such as the pecs, buttocks, and deltoids are commonly enhanced with fat to help to improve the appearance of an athletic physique.

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