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Common Areas for Liposuction

What Body Areas
Can be Treated with Liposuction?

You’re probably already aware that liposuction can be used to slim, smooth and contour areas such as the abdomen and buttocks. But did you know you can also have liposuction on your face and neck? Or your knees? Or your ankles?

Over the years, liposuction methods and techniques have come a long way since it first became an option to treat excess fat deposits on the body. Surgeons now have access to a wide variety of liposuction cannulas, which help to treat more areas of the body depending on their size. The main prerequisite is that the area you want treated has enough “pinchable” fat to allow for the procedure.

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Common Areas for

At TCC, we use state-of-the-art equipment to perform liposuction on numerous areas of the body, including:


This is the area most commonly treated. It remains a stubborn spot for many people, no matter how much they diet and work out, giving them a “pooch” or “muffin top.” In many cases, abdominal liposuction can help make vast improvements not only in appearance, but health by reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat carried in the abdomen.


Abdominal liposuction wouldn’t be complete without addressing this area, more commonly known as “love handles.” The flanks are an especially difficult area from which to lose fat with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction here can slim down your hourglass figure, and improve your appearance in—and out of—your clothing.

Anterior Thighs

The anterior, or front of the thigh is sometimes a difficult part of the body to tone. The goals for most patients here are contour and smoother skin. Liposuction on the anterior thigh is often performed in conjunction with outer thigh liposuction and/or inner thigh liposuction.

Outer Thighs

For many women, fat settles naturally on the thighs and hips, especially those women with certain body types. Fat deposits in this area, often referred to as “saddle bags,” can usually be effectively treated with outer thigh liposuction, providing a slimmer silhouette.

Inner Thighs

Like the outer thighs, the inner thighs are an area of concern for many women. Because the fat in this area is soft, inner thigh liposuction is usually an easy procedure to perform, and recover from. Your doctor may perform liposuction on your knees—the sides, never the backs—at the same time to maintain a streamlined look for your legs.


Rather than the buttocks themselves, the main area of concern here is usually the fat pockets that form right where the lower buttocks and upper thighs meet. These can be addressed quickly and effectively with buttock liposuction.


The troublesome spots here are the upper backs of the arms, the part that may jiggle when you wave. Fat tends to accumulate here with age, most often in women. Having arm liposuction will get rid of the jiggle, and give you confidence to wear sleeveless blouses and dresses again.

Male Breasts

Many men feel a firm, muscular chest is a hallmark of their manhood. It can be embarrassing for them to suffer from gynecomastia, a condition in which men form larger breasts, often due to hormonal imbalance. This condition can easily be treated with liposuction, restoring a firmer chest, and a man’s self-confidence.

Female Breasts

While some women seek to enlarge their breasts, others are born with large breasts that sometimes have negative effects such as back pain. These women may seek breast reduction, which is often accomplished with liposuction. The procedure can also target the breast tail area, which may be a bothersome for some women by causing small fat rolls when they wear short sleeve shirts.


While it’s less commonly performed in the lower area, back liposuction can help address fat deposits in the upper area, particularly what’s referred to as the “bra roll.” You may be familiar with this concern—you put on your bra, and have fat rolls above and below the back of your bra, where it hooks. These rolls often show through your clothing, and can give the appearance of being overweight, even if the rest of your body is slim and toned. Liposuction can bring your back in line with the rest of your body.

Face and Neck

If you’re thin, or you’ve lost weight, but you still have that round “baby face” created by excess fat in your cheeks, jowls or chin, neck and face liposuction can give your face a more contoured, “grown-up” look.

Legs and Ankles

Some people, particularly those who are recovering from obesity, may have excess fat on their calves or ankles that just doesn’t respond to exercise. In those cases, lower leg liposuction can help slim the leg, and restore balance to your slimmer figure.

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In many cases, your overall liposuction cost may be reduced by having the procedure on multiple body parts simultaneously. For example, the abdomen and thighs, or the thighs and lower legs. Ask us about this when you come in for your consultation.
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