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Outer Thigh Liposuction

We all deal with certain stubborn, flabby spots, regardless of our body type. One of those spots, for many people, is the outer thigh. It can be a difficult spot to target with exercise, and once fat deposits appear, it’s often difficult to get rid of them.

Outer thigh liposuction is exactly what it sounds like—liposuction performed on the outer thigh area of one or both of your legs. Maybe you just don’t like the way your outer thighs look. Maybe you can’t wear certain fashions like skinny jeans or pencil skirts. Or maybe you don’t want your outer thighs to jiggle when you walk, especially in shorts or a bathing suit. Whatever the case, outer thigh liposuction can help slim, sculpt and smooth the area, also giving your body an overall slimmer appearance.

What is
Outer Thigh Liposuction?

Outer Thigh Anatomy and Liposuction

To understand how outer thigh liposuction can help change the appearance of your legs, it’s important to have a general idea of the anatomy of this area.

Soft Tissue
Outer thigh fat is softer and less fibrous than fat in other areas of the body, and the region doesn’t contain any vital subcutaneous neurovascular structures. This means liposuction is easier to perform in this area, and it’s easier to recover from, too.

However, your surgeon will still proceed with care in this area to ensure aesthetically pleasing results, and to avoid complications such as asymmetry or indentations on the thighs.

Ligaments of Jacque
The buttocks maintain their shape and lifted appearance due to being suspended by tissues called ligaments of Jacque. Just like other ligaments in your body, as you age, these ligaments begin to lose their elasticity, which results in the buttocks losing their rounded shape, and beginning to sag.

When the buttocks begin to sag this way, it also affects the appearance of the outer thigh, right where the buttocks and thighs meet. Liposuction cannot repair the ligaments of Jacque, but it can minimize the effects of weakened ligaments on your thighs’ appearance.

Associated Procedures

Outer thigh liposuction can be performed in conjunction with inner thigh liposuction, which may reduce your overall cost. In addition, the fat collected from one or both procedures may be used for a fat transfer procedure to enhance another area of your body such as your lips, breasts or buttocks.

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