Problems Associated with Liposuction

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and problems that should be known before considering liposuction at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic as an option for you. Along with typical risks associated with the usage of anesthesia, adverse reactions to existing medical conditions, other highly rare risks should be noted. There are also some problems, typically occurring after the liposuction procedure.
toronto cosmetic clinic liposuction risks

After the Liposuction Procedure

Immediately after surgery, a compression garment is worn by the client. It is recommended that this garment be worn for two weeks, during which it can be taken off to be washed occasionally.

Over the past few years, the duration patients are recommended to wear this garment has been steadily decreasing. Once worn for up to six weeks, the current recommendation is two weeks. The garment helps reduce swelling, and will help the skin retract to the new desired shape.


For the first 24 to 48 hours, you should expect drainage from the tiny incision sites to occur. This is mainly the remaining fluid that was infiltrated just before the beginning of the liposuction procedure. The presence of some blood will make it look pink or reddish, but it should be fairly thin. However, if the fluid is dark red and has a thicker consistency like blood, please notify your physician.

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In years past, surgeons once closed incision sites by placing a suture. However, nowadays advances in liposuction have determined that it is best for the incision sites to stay open in order to maximize drainage. This will reduce swelling and will speed up the healing process. The incision sites will close within one to two days and will usually heal very well, reducing the risk of infection. There is minimal downtime with this procedure. Most people go back to work within three to four days. There will be some pain and discomfort, but not enough to stay home. In fact, clients are strongly encouraged to walk daily for thirty to sixty minutes starting the day after liposuction. This will reduce the pain and help recovery as it will allow for the blood to circulate in the area, assisting in healing. Furthermore, swelling and discomfort may also be reduced.