Aesthetic Problems Resulting from Liposuction

Liposuction at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is an extremely effective way to reduce the accumulation of trapped pockets of fat in specific areas. The appearance of these areas, whether at the ankles, the thighs, the buttocks, in the general area of the waist and stomach, the neck, or the face, can be significantly improved with a single liposuction procedure. Also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture, and suction lipectomy, this cosmetic surgical procedure is designed to eliminate or minimize the amount of fat in the target area, often unaffected by regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.

toronto cosmetic clinic liposuction procedure

A liposuction procedure is designed to improve a body contour. Sometimes, however, the procedure may result in unwanted aesthetic features. Such problems, which do not pose a threat to a patient's health but can be annoying, include the following:


Since a cannula is used to remove the subcutaneous fat from the target area, a small incision (4-10mm in length) is made during the liposuction procedure. After the liposuction surgery, the formation of a permanent scar will result. However, your physician at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will make every effort to minimize the appearance of any scar by making an incision in a discrete area such as in natural creases in the skin of the target area or the belly button. Your physician can also recommend topical creams that can be applied to reduce any scarring. Covering the scar from sun exposure is also recommended, and with proper care, it will eventually fade into a minor blemish, barely noticeable with proper placement and post-operative care following your Toronto liposuction procedure.

Loose Skin

Following the liposuction cosmetic surgical procedure, for some patients, particularly those who are older and/or have poor skin elasticity, loose skin can result. Loose skin is often a result of the removal of larger amounts of fat, and can be corrected with additional surgery. Toning or building the muscles in the area may also help.

Laser assisted liposuction can help minimize or eliminate loose skin.

Contour Irregularities

Contour irregularities are one of the most common problems following liposuction surgery. Irregularities in the contour of the general area, such as lumpiness and asymmetry, are a consequence of subcutaneous fat pockets becoming unevenly distributed with excessive liposuction, whether superficial or not. Choosing an experienced and highly skilled physician can minimize the risk of this occurring.


Edema, or swelling, typically follows a liposuction procedure and can last for several months. Supportive garments which compress the treated area can aide in reducing swelling and expedite healing. A good diet and healthy lifestyle will also help.

It is always best to know of any problems that may result from a Toronto liposuction procedure, regardless of how insignificant the problem may be.

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