Information Regarding Cellulite on the Body

Cellulite, also known as status protrusus cutis or adiposis edematosa, appears when the body does not eliminate toxins and burn energy from stored fat, which consequently allows pockets of subcutaneous fat to form in connective tissue, located just beneath the epidermal layer of the skin. Toxins and fluids may also be trapped in these pockets of fat.

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The development of cellulite occurs in specific areas of the body, including the thighs, buttocks, lower back, stomach and upper arms. “Orange peel” skin can also appear in the chest, lower legs, and hips. It is extremely common for women past puberty, generally increasing with age. Almost all women have cellulite somewhere on their body, due to the fluctuation of the level of estrogen in the body, while in men, it is rare.

Women vs Men

If you examine the cross section of the fat layer in men and women, it is easier to understand why cellulite more readily occurs in the fairer sex.

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Causes of Cellulite

After extensive ongoing research, several causes have been pinpointed. It is believed that the development of cellulite most often occurs when the body retains fluid and does not eliminate enough toxins. Specific causes include some drugs and medications, genetics, a poor diet, an inadequate amount of exercise, insufficient hydration, and high stress or tension levels.

Contrary to what most people believe, weight is not considered a cause. People who are thin may also develop cellulite.

The Solution to Cellulite

While several pills and cosmetic products on the market today claim to minimize, or even eliminate, the existence of cellulite on the body, the results they achieve typically pale in comparison to treatments performed by qualified and experienced physicians. Cellulite can be effectively treated with several cosmetic procedures, invasive or not. These include Endermologielaser assisted liposuction, and a tummy tuck. For more information regarding a specific cosmetic treatment, please contact a physician in Toronto at 416-221-5554. They will be able to help you determine the best solution for your individual concern.

Did you know that the term, cellulite, is French for "little cell"? It was coined in France circa 1968.