Cellulite Myths

Fat. When most of us think about it on our bodies, we think about getting rid of it. After all, excess fat and obesity can contribute to major health problems such as heart disease, heart failure, infertility, and stroke. Reducing and controlling the amount of fat is the most popular type of procedure physicians perform in Toronto, and in fact, all over the world.

But did you know that humans and animals all need some amount of fat to remain healthy? Fat may have a bad reputation, but a specific amount is necessary for our bodies. Therefore, we need to learn how to appreciate it, too, before we visit a physician in Toronto to get rid of it.

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Gender and Location

One of the biggest myths surrounding cellulite is that it is something that only afflicts women, never men. This is obviously untrue. While it does affect men, cellulite may be more common in women because it is estrogen, and not testosterone, that is partially responsible for its existence. And while the buttocks and thighs are most prone to orange peel skin, in some cases it can also be found on the upper arms, stomach and even the nape of the neck.

Overweight vs Normal Weight

And does it really affect heavy or overweight people only? While it is true that cellulite is basically fat, it is a condition that can afflict men and women of any size, whether they be at a healthy weight, underweight, or overweight.


It was widely rumored at one time that there were certain carbonated beverages like soda and sparkling water that caused this problem. However, you can rest assured that these beverages do not promote the formation of unwanted dimples.

Getting Rid of it Through Exercise

You have it. Now you want to get rid of it.

While a healthy lifestyle involving a good amount of exercise and a healthy diet is often the solution for several weight-related issues, it might not be as effective for cellulite.

It may reduce its appearance, but it usually won't go away because cellulite does not reside in the layers of the skin that are subject to the positive effects of exercise. So, while the effects may be lessened, the root cause remains the same.

Another Way to Say Fat

The most important thing to understand about cellulite is that it's essentially fat, combined with other substances such as fluids and toxins. Its trademark dimply appearance is due to being misshapen deposits that are trapped in pockets underneath the skin. As a result, cosmetic fat removal methods targeting subcutaneous fat can sometimes minimize its presence. However, when seeking a suitable solution, consider methods that not only remove fat but also tighten the skin. While liposuction is not considered an effective treatment for cellulite, something else may be more appropriate.One of the most effective solutions for combating dimply skin is a cosmetic treatment specifically designed to deal with this aesthetic problem, such as Endermologie®.