Breast Cancer &  Breast Implants

Though research has shown that there is absolutely no relationship between breast cancer and breast augmentation, routine checkups should also include mammograms. Mammograms are particularly important for women as they age, given that the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Consequently, all healthy women aged 40 years and over, whether or not they have had breast implants, should schedule a mammogram every year or two. Needless to say, women who have a history of breast cancer in their family should schedule mammograms even more frequently.

Breast Cancer & Breast Implants
Can Breast Implants Make It Harder to Find Breast Cancer During Mammography?

Can Breast Implants Make It Harder to Find Breast Cancer During Mammography?

It is imperative to inform all relevant medical personnel that you have had breast augmentation prior to receiving a mammogram. Doing so will ensure an accurate and thorough examination. Often, an experienced technician knowledgeable in dealing with breast implants will be appointed. They will take the implant into consideration during the procedure and reposition the breast tissue, using a special technique known as an “implantation displacement view” to facilitate a full x-ray. Also, more scans and angles are usually required compared to a woman without implants. The breast implant may be squeezed, but not to the point of serious discomfort. Properly done, the risk of rupture, deformation or displacement of the implant is minimal.

Additionally, mammograms performed on women with breast implants may require a longer x-ray time compared to women without breast augmentation. The specialist reading the data may also need more time before being able to determine your results.

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Self-Examination after Breast Augmentation

Even after breast augmentation, completing monthly breast self-examinations at home is recommended. In fact, because the pressure of the implant creates a smooth surface on the breast, women with breast implants generally find irregularities more easily than women without.

Following their breast augmentation at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic (TCC), the mental state of patients (including happiness and self-esteem) generally improves considerably. During regular follow-up appointments, patients are monitored and evaluated by their surgeons. Performed on a routine basis, this is to ensure their overall health, breast implants, and other physiological changes resulting from the procedure are all in working order.

Self-Examination after Breast Augmentation