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Breast Augmentation Cost

If you’re considering breast augmentation, this may be one of the most important questions on your mind. You want to enhance your enhance and boost your self-esteem, but you don’t want to cause financial hardship for yourself. We completely understand.

As you probably already know, breast augmentation costs vary depending on the person, the procedure, and the clinic. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” breast augmentation. In addition, the prices clinics charge are usually based on factors such as implant type, the equipment they use, the clinic’s accreditation, the skill of the surgical staff, and the surgeon’s level of experience.

What is
Breast Augmentation Surgery?

What is
Included in the
Base Breast Augmentation Cost?

At TCC, the price for breast augmentation starts at $10,000 plus tax. This includes the following:
  • General anesthesia
  • Skilled and experienced surgeons
  • Skilled surgical staff
  • Surgical tools and equipment
  • Clinic operating room accreditation
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What Factors Can Affect
Breast Augmentation

The Type of Breast Implant You Choose

Before your surgery, you’ll have to decide what implant type you want—saline or cohesive silicone gel. Usually, saline is less expensive, but both types have their pros and cons. Discuss the options with your surgeon.

Multiple Surgeries

You may decide to have one or more associated procedures when you have breast augmentation. For example, you may also want a breast lift, or inverted nipple correction. Adding such procedures can raise your overall surgery cost, but keep the price lower than if you have each procedure separately.

The Surgeon’s Education and Experience

One reason breast augmentation costs can vary from clinic to clinic is the education and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. As with any job, the more education and experience someone has, the more skilled they are, and the higher their fees.

Hospital or Clinic Facilities

If breast augmentation is performed in a hospital due to any particular health concerns you may have, this will increase the overall cost. Specific factors include, but are not limited to the use of a hospital operating room, surgical equipment, and hospital staff.


Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia, which adds $1,000 to the overall surgery cost.

Primary or Secondary Surgeries

If you’re undergoing your first breast augmentation surgery, then your costs will likely fall around the average amounts. However, if you need corrections because of a previous surgery performed poorly, or due to complications, the cost for this secondary surgery may be higher.

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Finance Your Breast Augmentation Costs

We think you shouldn’t have to wait to look better, and more importantly, feel better about yourself. To help you afford breast augmentation costs, we offer financing options. Once you apply, we’ll take a look at your credit history to determine your qualification and financing amount. Upon approval, you can schedule your procedure, and then make monthly payments.

Additional costs
after Breast Augmentation

Overnight Stay
Breast augmentation performed in our clinic doesn’t require an overnight stay. However, if the surgery is performed in a hospital, you may feel more comfortable staying overnight. Added costs will include, but not be limited to, the type of room you choose (private vs. semi-private), meals, and any hospital-administered medication.

Post-Surgical Care
After the procedure, you’ll need a surgical support bra, as well as pain medication or antibiotic prescriptions your doctor may give you to alleviate discomfort and prevent infection.

In addition, if you’re unable to stay with a friend or family member immediately following surgery, you may need to hire a private caretaker. This cost will depend on the type of caretaker you hire (registered nurse, registered practical nurse, or personal support worker), and how long they stay with you.

Scar Treatment
Scarring is an unavoidable part of any surgery. Over time, surgery scars fade, but you may wish to expedite the process. We offer scar removal treatment at TCC, which can help scars fade more quickly than they would naturally. Depending on the scar treatment your doctor recommends, this can increase your overall breast augmentation cost.

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