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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

If you're thinking about having a Brazilian butt lift, cost is probably one of the most important concerns you have. You want to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, but you don't want to empty your bank account to do it. We understand.

Typically, Brazilian butt lift costs range from $12,500 to $19,500, plus tax. The total cost will vary based on each person's body and desired results, and how the procedure will need to be performed in order to achieve those results. Cosmetic surgery must be customized to the person receiving it. In addition, clinic prices can vary based on factors such as the equipment they use, the clinic's accreditation, the surgical staff's skill levels, and the surgeon's experience.

How Much Does a
Brazilian Butt Lift

What Factors Can Affect
the Brazilian Butt Lift

Extent of the Procedure

Maybe you just want a little bit of a lift to combat the signs of aging. Or maybe you want a larger, rounder, firmer bottom. Your desired results will influence the extent of the fat transfer your surgeon performs.

Amount of Liposuction

A Brazilian butt lift is actually two procedures in one. In order to collect enough fat to transfer into your buttocks, your surgeon must first perform liposuction on other areas of your body. This has the added benefit of slimming, contouring and reshaping stubborn spots such as your abdomen, hips, thighs, and even upper arms. Your final Brazilian butt lift cost will include the liposuction, which will from $3,500 plus tax, per area.

Type of Anesthesia

If you were to have liposuction on just one small area of your body, local anesthesia would probably be enough. However, in order to first collect enough fat from multiple spots for the butt lift, and then perform the butt lift itself, you will be much more comfortable under general anesthesia. This usually adds $1,000 to the base Brazilian butt lift cost.

Experience of the Surgeon

As with any career, the more skill and experience someone builds over time, the more they can expect to be paid for their expertise. And the more expertise a surgeon has, the more likely it is that your procedure will be performed well, with little risk of complication. This is the most important factor in determining your overall Brazilian butt lift cost.

Our surgeons, bring decades of surgical experience to our clinic, and to all our patients.

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Finance Your Brazilian Butt Lift Costs

We think you shouldn’t have to wait to look better, and more importantly, feel better about yourself. To help our patients afford Brazilian butt lift surgery, we offer several financing options. When you apply, we’ll take a look at your credit history to determine your qualification and financing amount. Upon approval, you can book a date for your procedure. Afterward, you’ll make monthly payments. Financing can help you get where you want to be sooner rather than later.

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