Breast Augmentation with Subglandular Placement

Breast augmentation may be the biggest and most satisfying improvement to a woman's physical appearance.

A cosmetic surgical procedure existing since the beginning of the twentieth century, breast augmentation involves the placement of a breast implant in the chest either under the breast tissue, under the pectoral muscle, or under the pectoral muscles, serratus muscles and rectus abdominis fascia.

Subglandular placement (under the breast tissue), was the original method used in breast augmentation surgery. Recently, however, it has become far less common. As placement of breast implants is in the same area as the actual breasts, the subglandular location appears more natural than subpectoral (under the pectoralis major muscle) or submuscular (under the muscles and fascia). Patients may not require general anesthesia during the breast augmentation surgery. Rather, only local anesthesia is used, accompanied by sedation delivered intravenously. The duration of the procedure is shorter, as no incision is made into any of the existing muscles in the area. Injury to the muscles is prevented, which also includes injury that may result form the constant pressure of the breast implant once surgery is completed. Normally, the only incisions made in subglandular placement is into skin and fat. This reduces the pain and amount of bleeding following surgery.

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The resulting appearance following breast augmentation with subglandular placement creates a more appealing cleavage line, as the breasts are naturally lifted slightly. Implants can also be examined more easily since they are not hidden by muscle, but only tissue.

Unfortunately, subglandular placement may not be an option for women with smaller breasts and less breast tissue. Due to the lack of breast tissue, the outline of breast implants will be easily visible and appear unnatural following breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, submuscular placement is usually preferred for women with such physiology.

Detecting breast cancer may be more difficult, as implants can hide some breast tissue. While this is true for submuscular placement as well, there is a possibility that more tissue can be hidden. It is important that women with either placement of implant visit a specialist experienced in dealing with such during routine checkups for breast cancer.

When considering breast augmentation, explore the benefits of subglandular placement. Please consult with your surgeon to see which placement option is most suitable for you.

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