The Fat Transfer Procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Fat transfer at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic can be a wonderful cosmetic surgery, as it is has a dual benefit; taking fat from an undesired place on your body and placing it to an area where you want more volume and shape!

Fat transfer at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is performed on an outpatient basis. You can expect to receive a localized anesthetic in two areas: the "donor" site, which is the area from which fat is taken, and the area where the fat will be reinjected (“recipient site”). A small needle attached to a syringe will be used to draw the fat. Excess fluid is removed and the fat is then reinjected into the skin of the targeted area. This process can be repeated to achieve the desired results. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, patients may choose to remove fat during another cosmetic surgical procedure, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. Doing so allows for a larger amount of fat to be obtained, which is then frozen and stored for a future fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer is also known as autologous fat transplantation and micro-lipoinjection.

Fat Transfer Before After
Fat Transfer Before After

Where Can the Fat are Transferred To?

Almost any area(s) where there is a depression or you simply want more volume can be considered an area for where the fat will be transferred to (i.e. - the recipient site). Popular areas include the cheeks, lips, hips, hands, buttocks and breasts.

Fat Transfer to the Face:
When it's on your face, the appropriate amount of fatty tissue is actually beneficial. Facial contours remain smooth, skin is taut, and suppleness is maintained. With age, however, fatty tissue gradually disintegrates and leaves your face saggy and haggard. A popular alternative to injectable fillers, fat transfer to the face is a safe, natural and non-allergenic procedure as it is not using a foreign substance.

Fat Transfer the Buttocks:
This procedure is commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. It is quite popular at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Unwanted fat is taken from the areas surrounding the buttocks, such as the abdomen, inner thighs or love handles and is placed into the butt, thus having a dramatic result of enhancing the bottom.

Fat Transfer to the Breasts:
In order to have the breasts enlarged through fat transfer, you do need a certain amount of pinchable fat. The excess fat does not necessarily have to be removed from your waist, but can be taken from the thighs, buttocks, arms, or back. For women who do not have enough fat on their body to harvest, then breast augmentation would be the solution with regards to enlarging the breasts. A drawback to fat transfer to the breasts is that usually a patient cannot increase their breast size to over one cup size. However, for patients who need more a minimal enlargement, fat transfer is appealing to those who want a natural tissue in the breasts.

Preparing for a Fat Transfer Procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Preparing for the fat transfer procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is not unlike preparing for our other cosmetic procedures. Remember, the fat transfer procedure uses part of your body (i.e. the fat) in order to improve the appearance of another part of the body. There are various things one needs to consider in preparation for the procedure itself. These steps primarily have to do with ensuring one's own general health and well-being. This means to stop smoking as much as you can in far enough advances and to stop drinking at least 2 weeks before surgery; both of which can inhibit the body to properly recover from surgery.

Eat properly and avoid excessive and/or overly stringent dieting a few weeks prior to and after the procedure. In order for the procedure to be successful, one's body needs to have a sufficient amount of fat in the target area. Otherwise, the required amount of fat may not be safely removed.

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The Fat Transfer Consultation at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Regardless of the type of anesthetic used, an initial consultation at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is extremely important. This is not only for the plastic surgeon to determine the suitability of the procedure; it is also to ensure that the fat transfer procedure is the right cosmetic surgical treatment for you.

Fat Transfer FAQ
  • What area is fat taken from?

    Fat can be taken from areas that have tightly packed fat accumulation. Common areas include the thighs and abdomen.

  • If I do not have enough fat, can I take the fat from my friend/family member and use it?

    The answer is “no”. If fat was to be transferred between individuals it will then act as foreign substance and therefore would be rejected, not to mention the health risks that could arise between the sharing of bodily fluids.

  • Are the results of a fat transfer procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic permanent?

    Fat transferred to areas of the body that do not generally move lasts longer. Cheeks, for example, may only require one treatment while an area like the mouth may require more. After surgery keep in mind that the recipient site will not keep all the fat that was transferred. About 20%-30% of the fat will not survive. Which is the final results take a few months?

  • What should I expect after the procedure?

    You should expect to experience some amount of swelling in the treated areas. Some bruising and soreness may also occur. This will gradually go away after a few weeks. Avoid moving the treated areas while they heal.
    It is always best to follow the post-operative care instructions outlined by your plastic surgeon.

  • When can I see the results of a fat transfer procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic?

    You'll be able to see the results of your fat transfer in about 3 to 4 months. However, this depends on the areas treated as well as your general health. Your plastic surgeon will have a better estimate.