We have always been interested in Vampires, since the 1800’s and now more than ever Vampires have made a strong comeback in the entertainment industry, with the recent popularity of books, movies and shows based on these mysterious mythological creatures, but how about all the recent attention Vampire’s have been getting in the world of cosmetic surgery? What? Well…Vampires are rumoured to be eternally youthful, right?

Now of course we don’t mean actual Vampires are helping us out with our anti-aging practices, giving us all of their secrets on how to stay young forever, no, but what if the secret ingredient was in your own blood? Exciting? We think so!

The Vampire Lift

Introducing The Vampire Lift at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, the technique that involves taking a vial of blood and having a Doctor or Nurse separate the blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. Your own Plasma is then re-injected into facial areas where rejuvenation is needed. A healing process is then triggered by your own stem cells causing the body to start regenerating collagen and repairing itself from the inside out for a more youthful look.