Exclusive Rewards Program

About Toronto Cosmetic Clinic Exclusive Rewards Program

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic wants to reward you for being a valuable client. As an expression of our gratitude, we're inviting all of our clients to become a member of the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic Exclusive Rewards Program. Whether you're a past, present or future client, becoming a member entitles you to receive points on every dollar you spend on the products, services and treatments we offer at our clinic. You'll even receive points on tax!

Exclusive Rewards Program

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How Rewards Program Works

Here's How it Works

For every dollar you spend at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, you'll receive one point. Once you've accumulated a minimum of $15 dollars worth of points, you'll be able to exchange them for credit that may be used toward any service, product or treatment we offer. Choose from surgical and nonsurgical procedures, Latisse®, skincare products, makeup and even gift cards!

So, let's say you have $15 dollars worth of points on your Exclusive Rewards Card - you'll be able to get a $15 credit that can be put toward anything we offer.

The value of a single point may change in the future, as we may offer bonus points and such. You'll be notified if the value changes.


You'll also be able to exchange your points for actual products, services and treatments. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to access an online catalogue of Rewards that you can claim just by spending a few of your earned points - just pick and choose what you like (this is coming soon).

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