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In addition to a number of other outlets, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic was featured in one of Canada’s most well known national newspapers, the Globe and Mail.

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Toronto Cosmetic Clinic's Patient Consultant on Proud FM

Our patient consultant and injectable filler specialist, Lori Pollock, appeared on ProudFM's morning show, What's For Breakfast with Ken Kostick. Proud FM is 103.9 on the FM dial.She spoke about liposuction, Smartlipo and all about Toronto Cosmetic Clinic in general.

The segment is just about 11 minutes. Listen Now

Proud FM Radio
TSN Radio
Toronto Cosmetic Clinic's Patient Consultant on Chum FM

TCC's very own patient consultant, Lori Pollock, was interviewed on Chum.

Lori talked about all of the procedures we offer and responded to questions posed by other guests. She even talked about the great makeup and skin care products we have.

Sure we have tons of information on the website, but if you don't want to read all of it, this interview is an easier way to learn about cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

Because the interview lasted for almost an hour, it has been broken down into 3 segments.

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic's Patient Consultant on MIX 99.9

TCC's very own patient consultant, Lori Pollock, appeared on MIX 99.9 FM's morning show with Mad Dog & Billie. She spoke about scarless breast augmentation and Smartlipo. She also talked about cosmetic surgery and celebrities.

(Segment is just about 5 minutes.)
Listen Now

Virgin Radio
Toronto Cosmetic Clinic on CBC's Gill Deacon Show

On March 20, 2007, The Gill Deacon Show invited patient consultant, Lori Pollock, to talk about vaginal rejuvenation procedures. On the episode, entitled "Designer Vaginas", Lori talked about procedures designed for "down there", including vaginal tightening and labiaplasty.

Right here, we've only put the part where she appears on the show, along with one of TCC's clients who actually had undergone vaginal enhancement and breast augmentation

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic on ET Canada

On November 6 and 7, 2007, ET Canada showcased a "Miracle Makeover" of a celebrity publicist. As part of her makeover, Paula underwent Smartlipo at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Our patient consultant, Lori Pollock, and our friendly receptionists, Alina and Jenna, can be seen in the clip.

Because ET Canada had the segment on both Tuesday and Wednesday, we've split them up over two pages. The first part is right here.

Elevate Magazine - (November 2012)
Elevate Magazine November 2012

Check us out in this month’s issue of Elevate magazine, as one of our patient consultant’s, Alessandra talks about hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions!

Elevate Magazine - (May 2011)
Elevate Magazine May 2011

Alessandra Cerro, our patient consultant, was interviewed in the most recent issue of Elevate magazine. Alessandra talks about laser tattoo removal, one of our most popular non-invasive procedures.!

BOBBi Magazine - (Fall 2007)
BOBBi Magazine Fall 2007

Smartlipo Featured in BOBBi Magazine
The following article appears in BOBBi magazine
BOBBi is a publication for young women

B Magazine - (July 2007)
B Magazine July 2007
Vaginal Rejuvenation Featured in B Magazine

While it's still a little taboo to talk about, vaginal rejuvenation is one of the most popular procedures women undergo at TCC. Vaginal rejuvenation includes vaginal tightening, labiaplasty and hymenoplasty.

Elevate Magazine - (November 2011)
Elevate Magazine November 2011

Our patient consultant, Alessandra Cerro is interviewed about how to Freshen Your Look Before a Big Event in Elevate Magazine.

Elevate Magazine - (Fall 2007)
Elevate Magazine Fall 2007

By now, most of us interested in cosmetic surgery know what Smartlipo is all about. Here's yet another article that talks about the laser assisted liposuction method.

B Magazine - (August 2007)
B Magazine August 2007
Smartlipo Featured in B Magazine

B Magazine (Beauty and Beyond) is a publication dedicated to the beauty industry. Every month, the magazine publishes a number of interesting and informative articles on beauty and fashion.

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