Toronto Vaginoplasty and Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal defects, including weak muscles, poor tone, and flaccid skin are targeted and corrected with the cosmetic surgical procedure vaginoplasty, or more specifically, vaginal tightening surgery.

Whether from age, following childbirth, or caused by injury, the inside and outside diameter of a woman's vagina will increase. The muscles in the perineum area of a woman's genitalia, which is from the front of the anus to the posterior skin of the vulva, also become loose. Unfortunately, stimulation arising from sexual intercourse is reduced due to this condition, affecting all parties involved.

Advancements in cosmetic surgery enable women to eliminate this unpleasurable condition. Vaginoplasty rejuvenates a woman's vagina, tightening muscles and repairing soft tissues. Excess skin may also be removed. Vaginal tightening surgery generally takes about an hour, and is often performed under local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic. The type of anesthesia depends on the individual, the extent of correction desired, and the professional expertise of the licensed anesthetist on site.

As a cosmetic surgical procedure, qualified vaginoplasty surgeons at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will explain the details of vaginal tightening surgery with you so that you can decide whether it is appropriate for you. An initial consultation with a patient consultant, followed by a consultation with the surgeon performing the procedure will be arranged. After the surgery, follow up appointments are scheduled to monitor recovery.

toronto cosmetic clinic vaginal tightening surgery

Toronto Vaginal Tightening Surgery

It's just not as sensual and stimulating as before.

With age and the intense stress of childbirth, many women experience weakening of the muscles in their vagina. Looser muscles in the area result in sexual intercourse that is often dissatisfying, as the pleasure arising from friction is noticeably reduced (a link that has been scientifically proven).

Rather than commit to an odd and futile exercise regimen, put the passion back into your sex life with laser vaginal tightening surgery at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

Also known as vaginoplasty, vaginal enhancement, vaginal reconstruction, and vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening surgery is offered in the Toronto area for all women seeking to reclaim their sex life, for themselves and their partner. Call Toronto Cosmetic Clinic at 416-221-5554 to find out more about laser vaginal tightening surgery, or simply click on any of the links below.

The Vaginoplasty Consultation

During consultation, a patient consultant or physician at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will help you determine what type of treatment is best for you to achieve your desired results. Make sure you express your concerns and expectations so that you can be mentally prepared for the procedure. Like other cosmetic surgical procedures, it is also recommended that you tell your physician of any health problems or medications you are taking since they may adversely affect the outcome of surgery.

The vaginal tightening surgical procedure will take place at the Toronto surgical centre of Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Surgery is performed by an experienced physician with extensive knowledge of female physiology. Surgery will be scheduled around the patient's menstrual cycle. Other procedures can also be performed, whether simultaneously or not, to completely revitalize the aesthetic structure of a woman's genital area.

Recovery from vaginal tightening surgery at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will take a few weeks, depending on the extent of treatment and the patient. However, within weeks of undergoing the procedure, you and your partner will be able to see, and feel, the results. Both of you will experience a renewal of sexual pleasure and dramatic increase in sensation from intercourse, achieving a level of sexual gratification that was missing before.

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, we offer Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®). The difference between traditional vaginal tightening and LVR® relies mainly on the surgical techniques involved. Traditional vaginal tightening involves incisions made with a scalpel, while LVR® is a proprietary procedure that features specialized laser techniques to minimize or eliminate blood loss, reducing the length and intensity of recovery.

We are the only medical clinic in Toronto to offer LVR®.

Call Toronto Cosmetic Clinic at 416-221-5554 to find out more.

Your happiness is what's most important.

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Questions & Answers

How soon after giving birth can you have a vaginoplasty?
Your body goes through a tremendous change during pregnancy and delivery. It is generally recommended that women wait at least 3 to 6 months before coming for an examination to determine if they are good candidate for this procedure.
How long do I have to wait to have sex after a vaginoplasty?
Though your doctor will tell you how long to wait depending on your circumstance and extent of your procedure, generally you can get back to ‘gentle’ vaginal intercourse after 4 to 6 weeks.
What can a vaginoplasty do for sexual pleasure?
As the muscles surrounding the lining of the vaginal cavity are tightened, this ‘rejuvenates’ your vagina and many patients say it results in a boost in sexual pleasure.
How far up can a vaginoplasty go?
This procedure can tighten the vaginal muscles all the way up to the cervix. It is important to be specific in what you feel and what you want during your consultation.
Can I get a vaginoplasty even if I haven’t had children?
Typically this procedure is recommended for women who have had a natural childbirth. Sometimes, it can be suitable for women who naturally have a wider vaginal cavity.
How long does a vaginoplasty last?
The results of this procedure should last for many years if you have no more children, no health issues, and no serious changes in body weight. The most important thing is to lead a constantly healthy lifestyle.
How long does a vaginoplasty take?
Typically this procedure takes one to two hours to complete.
Do I need to stay in hospital overnight?
can return home usually the day after surgery. You will be asleep throughout the entire process and pain medication will be administered for the following few days.
Will there be noticeable scars?
No. As with any type of incision, scar tissue will heal the surgical site. However, in the case of a Vaginoplasty, scars will not be noticeable or barely noticeable.
How long until I can get back to my regular work schedule?
As this will take some time to heal, you should take at least a few days off from your work. After about 3 to 7 days, you can return to normal deskwork. Stay away from strenuous activity and sports throughout the healing process. Some women heal faster than others, just as some women bruise or swell more than others.