Permanent Makeup

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is pleased to offer Permanent Makeup!!!

Permanent Makeup is essentially a form of tattooing. Also known as micropigmentation, the process involves implanting tiny amounts of coloured hypoallergenic pigment into the skin at the dermal layer. Performed by Lauren, our expert Permanent Cosmetics Artist and member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, this creates the appearance of makeup that is better defined and more natural looking. It may be performed for the upper and lower eyelash lines, eyebrows, and lips as lip liner or lip colour.

toronto cosmetic clinic permanent makeup

Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

Saves time, saves money since you no longer have to purchase cosmetics on a regular basis no streaks, runs or smudges, which makes it ideal for individuals who are active and sweat a lot, swim, have oily skin or suffer from allergies and have watery eye corrects minor ptosis of the brows ideal for those who cannot apply makeup due to physical or visual impairment fills in sparse brows expertly applied makeup, all the time - no need to reapply makeup throughout the day  subtly defines lash lines to restore youthfulness and enhance eye colour natural looking results that don't look cakey and flakey hypopigmentation (lighter skin tone than the surrounding area) may also be targeted to create the appearance of a more uniform skin tone.

Depending on the technique of the Permanent Cosmetics Artist and the patient's skin, lifestyle and health, results can last from one to three years, after which a touch-up may be required. Although some Artists can achieve results that last for a few decades, Permanent Makeup at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is specially designed to be gentle and features the ability to accommodate changes in personal preferences that result from age and shifting fashion trends. The procedure is performed by the hand method, using a clean non-mechanical device that is disposed of after every single treatment for sanitary reasons. All pigments are hypoallergenic, custom blended and contain no irritants.

Every Permanent Cosmetics treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation that ensures it is suitable for you. Lauren will examine your medical history and discuss the results you'd like to achieve. When Permanent Make up is deemed appropriate for you (the procedure may not be appropriate for individuals with certain medical conditions), a topical anaesthetic is applied to the area targeted to minimize the discomfort associated with the procedure, which has been described as the sensation of plucking hairs. The procedure may be modified for those with a lower tolerance for discomfort, including longer pauses for reprieve - we schedule enough time so you can take as long as you wish. There's absolutely no rush!

After the Permanent Cosmetics procedure, you may experience a minor degree of swelling and discomfort. Ice packs and/or Tylenol can help. The true results appear after the uppermost layer of skin exfoliates. This can take about a week or longer. You'll be asked to keep the treated area hydrated and protected with the application of a topical gel.

Find out if Permanent Cosmetics is suitable for you following a complimentary consultation. Call 416-221-5554  today to schedule your appointment.