Toronto Rhinoplasty - Cosmetic Surgical Nose Job

Your nose. It's right in the middle where everybody can see it, but you wish it weren't so prominent. It's just too big, too knobby and bumpy, or has no definable shape. Genetics or trauma has determined its shape, but you wish it were smaller, had better contour or more aesthetically pleasing definition.

Is your nose getting more attention than you?

Stop wishing you could do something about it and make it reality with cosmetic nose surgery, or technically referred to as rhinoplasty.

If you've had enough of people staring at your nose when they talk to you, speak with a physician about what you can do about it. Cosmetic Nose Surgery can help you get the facial profile you've always wanted.

Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty

Informally known as a nose job, nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure around the world. In fact, it frequently tops the list as one of the most requested by patients in North American aesthetic medical clinics.

The main purpose of rhinoplasty is to achieve a more harmonious balance of the nose with other facial features. It is best performed by a cosmetic physician who has a good understanding of facial anatomy as well as who has extensive experience in nose surgery.

Several problems can be corrected. Some problems that are commonly corrected include shortening the length of the nose, narrowing the width of the nostrils, reducing the prominence of the tip, or removing a bump on the bridge of the nose.

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic offers rhinoplasty and nose surgery in the Toronto area!

If the problem requires minor to moderate correction, a nonsurgical nose job may be more suitable. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty involves the injection of a dermal filler to correct aesthetic defects such as bumps on the bridge and a droopy or undefined tip. However, surgery may be the only alternative if you want to make your nose or the nostrils smaller. Your patient consultant will let you know if you are a candidate for either procedure.

Nose surgery is best performed on a patient whose nose is fully developed, since results from the procedure may be undesirably altered with further development. Because it is an invasive procedure, patients should be in relatively good mental and physical health. Detailed instructions for pre and post operative care will be provided during the consultative process, given to you by your surgeon. Following them closely will reduce the risk of any complications occurring.

For a very general list of things to do to adequately prepare your body for surgery, please visit Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery. This list, however, is not exhaustive.

When performed by an experienced surgeon, the outcome of rhinoplasty is typically a great improvement to a patient's aesthetic appearance. Patients are generally pleased with the results.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Video

What Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

We understand that much like other parts of the face, the nose is a defining feature. Its prominence and significance is not lost on our own culture, nor on others throughout time.

In addition to other considerations, undergoing a nose job is for those who feel uncomfortable with the anatomy of their existing nose. Getting a nose job can not only help boost your appearance, but your self esteem in tandem.

To gain a better understanding of what this procedure can do for you, one needs to consider the nose's anatomy.

Here are some common parts of the nose that are targeted during a Toronto rhinoplasty.

The Nostrils

A nose job can help correct the overall size of the nostrils. However, high nostrils that appear to be flared may also be corrected. Usually, this involves decreasing the length span of the nostrils by removing a portion of the skin where the nostrils meet the face. Known as the Weir Excision, this allows for any resulting scar to remain very discreet, since it is located in a natural crease.

Flared nostrils can be reduced by placing one or more incisions on the inside of the nose, at its base, and suturing the incisions.

The Bridge

Any bumps on the bridge of the nose can be removed during rhinoplasty. Most patients require only one dorsal hump to be removed, but there may be more due to trauma or defect. The dorsal hump typically consists of cartilage and bone. During the procedure, excess cartilage and bone forming the bump may be removed. The physician may then alter what remains to create a smooth contour.

Also, the actual angle of the nose relative to the upper lip can be changed.

In the event the bridge needs to be heightened, one of the following may be added: an implant, cartilage, or soft tissue.

The Tip

A nose job can improve the appearance of the tip of the nose, making it less bulbous, pointy, squared or hooked. Modification can include altering the actual cartilage maintaining the shape or just the soft part of the nose. Again, cartilage or soft tissue may be added to achieve the desired shape.

Overall Size

The length of the nose can be moderately decreased by targeting the septum at the base and removing part of it.

Other Factors

A nose job may also help correct some breathing problems. However, you should consult a physician for specific details. This procedure is known as a septoplasty, during which the nasal septum (the wall between the nostrils) is straightened out.

Getting a nose job can mean more than just changing the size of the nose. It has the potential to change virtually any visible feature of its anatomy.