Melasma Treatment with MedLite® C6 Laser

Splotches, irregular skin colouring, and dark blotches with uneven borders - discolouration of the skin, known as melasma, is a common affliction of many women around the world. Though it can sometimes be mistaken for a suntan, it is definitely not a desirable condtion because of its ability to negatively affect an otherwise even facial complexion.

Though melasma does not pose any serious health risks, many afflicted find it to be annoying and embarrassing because in most cases, it cannot be easily covered by makeup.

But there's no need to cake on that foundation and concealer anymore. There are two effective treatments for melasma and hyperpigmentation now available at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Contact 416-221-5554to find out more about the MedLite C6 Laser or Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment and their beneficial effects by booking your free consultation with a patient consultant.

Before undergoing treatment for melasma and hyperpigmentation, a complimentary consultation is required to assess the type of skin discolouration you may have. Our knowledgable patient consultant will examine the discolouration, discuss your goals and expectations from undergoing the treatment, as well as determine whether it can be effectively treated with the MedLite® C6 Laser or Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment. Alternative treatments may be discussed, such as microdermabrasion and photorejuvenation.

Consultation generally takes from 10 to 20 minutes.

Melasma and Chloasma Treatment with the MedLite® C6 laser

Working at a wavelength of 532nm, the MedLite® C6 laser is one of the most effective systems for the treatment of melasma, chloasma and hyperpigmentation. Even pigmented lesions such as age spots, some birthmarks, and freckles can be treated.

The unwanted skin discolouration is targeted by an intense laser beam, which is absorbed by the excess melanin, or skin pigment, of the melasma or pigmented lesion. This helps to break up the excess pigmentation into particles, effectively destroying the discolouration. As a result, all traces of unusual pigment are removed, leaving only a uniform skin tone. No negative effect to the desirable pigmentation of the surrounding area occurs.

In fact, most patients experience improvement after just a single session of melasma treatment!

If the laser is used on normal skin, it may result in some extent of whitening. This whitening is not considered permanent, as the body will naturally replace the lost melanin over time.

Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation irregularities can be an aesthetic concern for anyone of any age. Most often the result of genetics, frequent sun exposure, and aging, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic offers a solution that is safe, effective and noninvasive. We can help you eliminate dark spots and achieve a more uniform tone no matter what the phototype of your skin or what type of pigmentation irregularity you may have.

Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic can reduce and remove any blemishes caused by excess pigment (created by melanin), as well as inhibit the appearance of future blemishes. The treatment involves two phases, the first of which is the application of the Dermamelan Mask performed at our state-of-the-art facility. The second phase is the application of the Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream, performed at home on a daily basis for a recommended period of time. Moisturizing Sun Block and Hydrating products should be applied as well to protect and nourish the skin. When used as directed, the Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment can achieve fast results for pigmentation problems, even for individuals with darker skin, melasma and/or acne scarring.

Following treatment, you may find that the treated area is red and dry for a few days, after which the skin will peel. This is typical of the recovery process and will only be temporary. After peeling, you'll notice that the treated area is more uniform in colour, with darker spots minimized or eliminated in appearance. Continue performing phase two as directed to maintain and optimize results. Results appear after a few weeks and up to two months, depending on the severity of the problem and the individual. Since it is a type of light peel, you'll notice that your skin becomes smoother and clearer as well.

With a high safety margin, Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment is a great solution for men and women who want to improve the clarity and luminosity of their complexion. Call 416-221-5554 to book your free consultation to find out if the procedure can suitably achieve your goals.