Face Lift Toronto Rhytidectomy Surgical Procedure

face lift, or rhytidectomy surgery, restores the youthfulness of your appearance by simply removing major wrinkles and sagging skin. In a procedure that generally lasts up to 5 hours, a face lift involves a number of tiny incisions made inside the hairline at the temple, in front of the ear, and around the earlobe and behind the ear, ending at the scalp area. Once the face lift has been completed, all incisions are closed with small sutures. The targeted excess skin is removed and muscles that have begun to sag, along with connective tissues, are tightened. Therefore, it is not only the face that benefits from a face lift or rhytidectomy surgery, but also the muscles of the neck.

For complete rejuvenation of the face, a face lift may also include the removal of fatty deposits from the neck and beneath the chin, as well as other procedures. These may include blepharoplasty, more popularly known as eyelid surgeryforehead lift, chin augmentation, and/or liposuction.

face lift

Following A Face Lift or Rhytidectomy Surgery

Healing is gradual. In the weeks following a face lift or rhytidectomy surgery, it is common to feel numbness in the skin on the face and around the ear. Some temporary discoloration also may occur once the healing begins, which may take a few months to disappear. You can facilitate recovery by sleeping with your head elevated.

Though permanent damage to the facial nerve only occurs in the rarest of cases, occasionally, the facial nerve can be bruised during surgery, resulting in only a temporary loss of sensation or function. Desired results will normally appear within 6 months following just one face lift or rhytidectomy surgical procedure.