After Vaginal Reduction

Women undergoing vaginal reduction in Toronto have their genitalia surgically tightened to regain what may have been lost from such natural processes as giving birth or aging.

The diameter of the vagina is smaller, muscles are tightened, and more control in the vaginal area is acquired. In fact, results of the surgery are immediately apparent, though the true results will appear 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Following the Vaginal Reduction Procedure

Side Effects

After the vaginal reduction surgery at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, swelling may occur. This swelling will subside as the area heals. Some pain and discomfort will exist, generally lasting for about a week afterwards, but can last longer. Medication to relieve the pain and discomfort can be prescribed by your physician. To fend off infection occurring in the areas of the incisions, antibiotics will also be prescribed. Most patients are on their feet walking around comfortably just a few day after the procedure. Therefore, it is typical that patients return to work within a week.

Sitz Baths

To promote smooth healing and reduce discomfort, you will be advised for 2 weeks following surgery to soak in Sitz Bath. Sitz baths are warm water baths with epsom salts. It will be recommended to do these 2-3 times a day. You will find it will provide much needed relief.

After 2 weeks you will be told to switch the epsom salts to baking soda for 1- 2 later.

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What Not to Do

To facilitate healing, patients should refrain from sexual intercourse and other activity in the vaginal area from 4-6 weeks following vaginal reduction. It is necessary that any penetration of the vagina be avoided, including douching or using tampons. Refraining from such activity during this vital healing time will allow vaginal muscles to remain intact and incisions to heal completely, preventing them from being reopened.

Exerting too much effort while defecating or lifting heavy objects can also adversely affect your healing. Avoid doing these things for about a month following vaginal reduction surgery.

Having Sex for the First Time

Sometimes, a Toronto vaginal reduction procedure can result in a tighter vagina that may make sexual intercourse painful. It is important that this be considered and discussed with your physician during the consultative process before deciding on the amount of vaginal reduction to be performed.

While healing and sometime after the vaginal reduction surgery, you'll be asked to visit your physician at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic for checkups so that they can make sure you're healing properly.

Research has shown that with a single documented vaginal reduction procedure in Toronto, and in other parts of the world, over 97% of patients are satisfied with the results.