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Crisalix, 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator

Envision your Results with 3D & 4D Imaging
at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Why TCC choose
3D Simulation?

Why try to imagine your results, and to wait until after surgery to see them? At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic during your complimentary consultation you will be able to view your results before your procedure using Crisalix’s 3D and 4D imaging!

There are numerous benefits as to why we chose to involve Crisalix in the consultation process.

  • You can preview your results
  • Helps you communicate your expectations to your surgeon, and in return provides reassurance that you and your surgeon agree about these expectations
  • Increases your involvement in the consultation
  • Empowers you to make clearer decisions
  • Helps you face your fears head-on about any surgical results you might have
  • You can make a confident choice in deciding to proceed with surgery

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, we are driven to make sure you are satisfied with your results, and your results are based on the aesthetic appearance of your procedure. Being able to picture your results before your procedure occurs will ensure your expectations are met.

How Crisalix Works

Crisalix is based on advanced technology that is able to capture a digital model of yourself that can be manipulated to mimic the results of a cosmetic procedure. In order to get a simulated 3- dimensional model of yourself, your consultant will take a scan of the target area. For example, if you are thinking about having rhinoplasty done, she will scan the angles of your face into the Crisalix program using a 3D sensor camera that is attached to an iPad. Your privacy will be protected as the system safely encrypts the data. From here a live generation of your body will be created in 3D form with a 360 degree view! Next, your consultant will alter the 3D model to reflect the results of the proposed procedure. This is fantastic way to communicate and match the results to your expectations.

The Crisalix system is a bit different than other digital imaging software programs, as it comes with a virtual reality headset which takes the visualization one step further. When the headset is worn inside the clinic, a virtual reality environment is created for you, where you can picture at all angles how you will look after the surgery or treatment.

Cost of
3D Imaging?

There is no added cost to this imaging service, simply because we want to ensure you make an empowered decision about your procedure.

Try on
your new body

If you thought 3D imaging of your results was neat, try 4D!! Yes, it’s great to see how you will look at all angles, but why not be able to almost feel how you will look?!

During the consultation process you will be able to not only picture how you will look after, but a virtual reality environment will be set up, with your “new” body in it. This 4-dimensional imaging is accessed by wearing virtual reality goggles. When you look down, you will be able to see the new contours of your body!

4-dimensional imaging is especially useful for patients wanting to undergo breast augmentation, as being able to look down at your chest and see what types of implants best suit you, can be an “out of this world” experience.

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Type of Procedures that
Crisalix Can be Used For

Crisalix technology is so advanced that we are able to provide you with results from almost every procedure offered at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Breast surgery, surgical procedures on the body and face, and non-surgical procedures performed on the face can be envisioned!


Breast Augmentation using Implants

Breast Augmentation Using Fat

Breast Lift

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Removal

Exchange of Breast Implants

(Secondary Breast Augmentation)



Tummy Tuck

BBL & Fat Transfer


Mommy Makeover

Arm Lift





(Upper and/or Lower Eyelid Surgery)

FaceLift & NeckLift

Lip Augmentation

Cheek & Chin Augmentation

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Jawline Contouring

Buccal Fat Removal

4D Imaging for
Breast Implants

The hardest choice to make after deciding you want to proceed with breast augmentation is to decide on the type of implant. It can be very overwhelming when looking at all the shapes and sizes to choose from. We want to make this decision as easy as possible for you. Looking through 2- dimensional before and after photographs are great, but it does not paint the entire picture. For you to envision just how implants will sit on your body, 3D and 4D imaging can greatly help.

After you have discussed with your consultant a few sizes of breast implants you will be directed to be set up for imaging. A scan of your chest will be captured using a special 3D sensor camera. This will be uploaded in order to create the 3D simulation of your body. Once the simulated model of your body is created, it can be altered it to create an enhanced chest profile. Crisalix can be exceptionally helpful when trying to:

  • Visualize the difference in volume (size) – for example, 350cc vs. 375cc
  • See the Difference in projection- for example, high profile vs. moderate profile
  • Picture the difference in placement- for example, under the muscle vs. over the muscle
  • Create your ideal breasts
  • Communicate your expected results to your surgeon
Have your procedure now, make payments later!

3D Remote Access

We want you to be able to share and send your 3D imaging, which is why we allow you to access them online after you leave the clinic. You will be able to login to your secure Crisalix account and view your before and after photos at anytime and anywhere. This can allow you to get an opinion from your family and friends. Crisalix also has an online community where you can anonymously share your simulated 3D models to get feedback from other users!
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3D Imaging
Question & Answer

  • How accurate will the 3D image match my results?

    No surgeon or treatment provider will be able to ever predict the exact outcome. Surgery and procedures are not an exact science and each patient will react differently. While Crisalix is a useful tool in communicating results, you cannot expect your appearance will be exactly identical to the simulated model.

  • Do you charge for 3D imaging of multiple procedures?

    No, we do not charge you for wanting to visualise your results on multiple procedures. We want you to be as comfortable as possible before proceeding and we want to make sure your expectations are met.

  • What is the difference between before-and-after photos and 3D simulation?

    While viewing other patients’ before and after photos, it is still hard to predict how the results of your procedure will turn out. Everybody is different, and that’s why using a 3D model of yourself will more accurately predict the results that you will have. Photographs are only 2- dimensional and 3- dimensional tools such as Crisalix at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic paint a more realistic picture.

The information provided to you on your results, is meant to be as a guideline and is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary.