The medical product that Brooke Shields and Claire Danes love - LATISSE® is here in Toronto, having finally received approval by Health Canada. Clinically researched and tested, LATISSE® is a specially formulated solution from Allergan. It is available only through prescription and is the only FDA-approved medical product for its indication. To date, over 1.5 million bottles have been sold around the world!

latisse product

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is a certified prescription seller of Allergan's LATISSE®.

Since LATISSE® is a medical product, it can only be obtained by prescription from a licensed medical doctor. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, your initial consultation and appointment to receive your prescription with a doctor will be scheduled for you. These appointments are absolutely free, and the only thing you pay for is the actual product - $120 For 3mL and $200 for 5mL.

LATISSE® is now available at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic!

Improve your appearance. Talk to us about LATISSE® today!

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