Micro Laser Peel

Wish you could drink from the fountain of youth? With a Contour ™ MicroLaserPeel™, your dream can become reality.

In a series of microlaserpeel sessions with an experienced medical aesthetician, you can rediscover the beauty of your skin.

micro laser peel

Treatment with a Contour ™ MicroLaserPeel™ is individually tailored to you and your specific problem. From wrinkles and scars to hyperpigmentation and keratoses, a minimal to full epidermal laser peel will remove the problem and leave your complexion healthier and more youthful. Your skin tone will become more even and smooth.

Most believe beautiful skin is one of the essential components to a youthful and attractive appearance. Call Toronto Cosmetic Clinic today at 416-221-5554 and fight the signs of aging in less time than it takes for the many other cosmetic surgical procedures offered in the Toronto area.