Join the millions of men and women across North America and in over 70 countries around the world who have experienced the effects of BOTOX COSMETIC®, from pharmaceutical manufacturer, Allergan, Inc. These men and women are just like you - they work out, eat healthy foods and care about how they look as they age.

A simple BOTOX COSMETIC® injection procedure in Toronto performed by a certified medical professional has become one of our most popular treatments!

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If you're in the Toronto area, call us at 416-221-5554 to learn more about a BOTOX COSMETIC® injection at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. Talk privately with one of our patient consultants in a free consultation to find out if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you. A consultation will first be arranged to determine whether BOTOX COSMETIC® is the best solution for your problem. Alternative treatments to achieve the desired results may also be discussed.

A medical professional and BOTOX COSMETIC® specialist is available to provide treatments at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

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Toronto Cosmetic Clinic
is a physician-directed clinic that is licensed to offer BOTOX COSMETIC®. We are located at 5400 Yonge Street, just south of Finch on the west side of Yonge Street at street level. Our facility is state-of-the-art and has been accredited by esteemed governing bodies. Your procedure will take place in our facility by a licensed medical doctor or registered nurse under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Each unit of BOTOX COSMETIC® is $12, and the number of units to achieve the results you want will be administered with precision.

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