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    • Eye attractiveness

      Yours eyes speak volumes as they convey your thoughts, demeanor, emotions & mood. While the eyes are the deepest pathway to our soul, they also represent our beauty and health.

      You can tell a lot about an individual's health status by looking at their eyes; for example at the time of ovulation, a woman’s pupils are more dilated. The status of your liver can also be seen through by how yellow the sclera (the outermost white part of the eye) appears, or if one has bloodshot, and red eyes may be an indication of allergies, irritation or an infection of the eye.

      With regards to beauty, it is believed that if the sclera is more white in colour, an individual is therefore healthy which can be a good indication of a their reproductive status. Therefore they are believed to be more attractive than those who have more unhealthy, yellow or red scleras.

      The eyes can be thought of as one of the most beautiful and mystical features on the face; it is no wonder that the cosmetic industry wants to enhance them as much as possible! Surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (either on the upper or lower eyelids), products to lengthen the eyelashes, such as LATISSE®, dark makeup to make the eyes “pop”, and BOTOX COSMETIC ® to help prevent crows feet formation, are just a few things geared towards beautifying the eyes (and all services that Toronto Cosmetic Offers !) .

      eye attractiveness

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    • Words Never Found in Plastic Surgery

      The goal of plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure is for improvement. It is important to understand that surgery is still a form of medicine and therefore not an exact science. Nothing in nature can and never will be perfect. Perfect is one of the words excluded from a plastic or cosmetic surgeon’s vocabulary. If you hear them say this in reference to a procedure that you will be undergoing, you should be cautious.

      There are some other words that are not found within the realm of plastic and cosmetic surgery, which include:

      Symmetrical - no two pairs can ever be replicas of each other. If you draw a line down the middle of your face, you will see that both sides are very different in appearance. Even both sides of the body will always remain dissimilar to one another. When undergoing breast augmentation or a breast lift, remember “breasts are sister, not twins”.

      Guarantee- Since surgery is not an exact science it is hard to predict how the body will react and heal. As much as every surgeon would love to guarantee the results of a procedure to their patients, this simply just is not the case.

      Static (stay the same) The body will naturally age and therefore change. It is impossible for surgical results to stay the exact same for the rest of your life, so the exact results can not last a “lifetime”. There are however ways to maintain surgical results so you can keep looking your best !

      At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, the goal of any surgery is to improve/enhance the positive aspects, and then also to reduce/minimize characteristics that are bothersome to a patient….all in order to restore self confidence and overall beauty!


      words never found plastic surgery

    • Benefits of Vaginal Tightening Surgery

      The vagina serves a multitude of purposes. Not only does it serve as a functional purpose for reproduction with regards to carrying a baby, but also an intimate purpose between partners.
      When the vagina becomes too lax, due to age or post-childbirth this can place stress on a relationship, as the sexual function of the vagina can diminish. This can lead to unsuccessful relationships and embarrassment for both partners. While the more obvious benefit of vaginoplasty is improvement of sexual gratification for both partners, there are some added advantages of vaginal tightening surgery that include:

      - improving the outer appearance, by reducing the external diameter of the vagina (labial reduction) can also be performed in conjunction for an overall aesthetically pleasing appearance)
      - if a poor episiotomy was performed during childbirth, a perineum repair can be done in conjunction with vaginal tightening surgery
      - help with urinary incontinence, by improving the tone and strength of the tissues that support the bladder

      While the vaginoplasty procedure itself does not help with a prolapsed uterus, both procedures can be performed in the same surgery. Since at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, our surgeon is an OBGYN, a prolapsed uterus can be addressed at the same time as vaginoplasty depending on the severity of it.

      Benefits Vaginal Tightening Surgery

    • Eat Your Way to Recovery with Pineapple

      Pineapple while sweet and satisfying can be a real benefit when recovery from surgery. The active ingredient within pineapple is Bromelain, a natural enzyme found within the stem and juice of this fruit.  Bromelain has been proven to reduce swelling and inflammation, especially after rhinoplasty.

      Benefits of bromelain also include:
      - Cancer prevention and reduce cancer therapy symptoms
      - Help treat ulcerative colitis
      - Help sinusitis symptoms
      - Helps rid the body of fats, helps with digestion
      - Relieves joint and muscle pain

      You can take 1,000 mg. of a Bromelain enzyme, twice a day for 2 weeks before, and 2 weeks post surgery to help prepare your body for surgery so you can have a pleasant recovery.

      As an added benefit, pineapple can keep your teeth pearly white, as it is a natural plaque fighter and stain remover.

      Now that's a doctor’s order!

      eat your way recovery pinapple


    • Say I Do to Handplasty

      Hand makeovers are on the rise thanks to the “hand selfies” on social media that women post after they get engaged. After doting at your engagement ring, it comes to your attention that everyone will be looking at your hands to see your newly acquired piece of jewelry.

      The hands usually do not get as much attention as one’s face, but at this phase in a woman's life everyone will be looking down at their digits. This has prompted many women to undergo non-surgical treatments to improve the appearance of their hands.

      As we age, fat, collagen and volume is lost. Age and sun spots start to appear along with loose skin and fine lines.

      There are many treatments that can reduce such ailments.

      Photofacial /IPL treatments are greats at reducing sun spots, as well as hydroquinone infused products. These do take some time (several months in fact) to see the results, but nonetheless work.  For those who are looking for more of a quick fix a 10 minute Dermal Filler  treatment can work wonders. By camouflaging the underlying structure of the hands, such as veins, bones and crepey skin, you can bring back luster and volume to replenish the hands appearance.

      say i do handplasty