All About Fat

Fat. When most of us think about it on our bodies, we think about getting rid of it. After all, excess fat and obesity can contribute to major health problems such as heart disease, heart failure, infertility, and stroke. Reducing and controlling the amount of fat is the most popular type of procedure physicians perform in Toronto, and in fact, all over the world.
toronto cosmetic clinic learning about fat
But did you know that humans and animals all need some amount of fat to remain healthy? Fat may have a bad reputation, but a specific amount is necessary for our bodies. Therefore, we need to learn how to appreciate it, too, before we visit a physician in Toronto to get rid of it.

Fat on our bodies

Most of the fat on our bodies is stored underneath our skin, though it does exist in other parts of the body such as in and around the organs. The main areas where fat is stored include within (visceral) and above (subcutaneous) the area of the abdominal wall, the buttocks, and the chest. These are also the areas in which physicians in Toronto most frequently treat.

Typically insoluble in water, fat is referred to as adipose tissue.

Why do we need fat?

Our bodies use fat to cushion the organs against shock and to promote the healthy function of our cells. Following the use of glucose supplies, it is the next vital energy source at in times of emergency when food is not available. Fat helps to keep our body temperature stable, keeping us warm when it is cold and vice versa.

Our bodies need fat to process some vitamins, of which cannot be digested or transported throughout the body by other means. These vitamins, which include vitamin A, D and K, are required to by our bodies for such important roles as to promote bone growth, vision, and the regulation of calcium.

Fat, in controlled amounts, is an absolutely necessary feature of our bodies. However, above a healthy amount, it can also be detrimental. If you are deciding to undergo a procedure in cosmetic surgery that will control your weight or promote weight loss, it is highly recommended that you speak with a patient consultant, medical professional or physician in Toronto to ensure you choose the right procedure. There are procedures that are designed for the removal of unwanted subcutaneous fat, however they are not methods of weight loss alone.

Unwanted Fat Removal

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic offers three ways to remove unwanted fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Liposuction is, by far, the most common way to get rid of fat, and has been for several years now. It is a surgical procedure that requires tiny incisions to be made in the targeted areas so that a microcannula can be inserted to suction out the fat. Two techniques of liposuction are performed at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic: tumescent and Smartlipo™. The fundamental difference between both techniques lies in the way fat is prepared for removal by a microcannula. Tumescent liposuction injects a large amount of anesthetized solution in the area of the unwanted fat while Smartlipo™ uses the power of a laser to melt fat (known as laser assisted liposuction). These methods result in less bleeding, bruising and pain associated with other techniques.

A noninvasive method of unwanted fat removal is UltraShape®.UltraShape® requires no surgery or anesthesia. Rather, the treatment requires the area targeted to be exposed to therapeutic ultrasound energy delivered by a patented device with sophisticated tracking and guidance technology. This patented ultrasound energy disrupts fat cells so they may be processed by the body's physiological systems naturally in the weeks following a session. Typically 3 sessions are required of 60-90 minutes in length.

Fat removal can also be performed by a fat transfer. This treatment repurposes unwanted fat by taking it from one part of the body and injected into another that requires "plumping up". For example, fat may be removed from a common area like the thighs and injected into the cheeks to eliminate a sunken appearance commonly resulting from aging. This gives the face a more youthful appearance.